Yellowstone National Park, ワイオミング

最低価格 $200.00 USD





6時間 (平均所要時間)


このイエローストーン国立公園でのガイド付きカヤックツアーでは、イエローストーンの歴史とイエローストーン湖の地質に加え、カヤックの用具と技術の説明が含まれています。説明が終わったら、ガイドの案内で陸と水中に多数の地熱特性があるウェスト サム間欠泉の汀線周辺に向かい、さまざまな地熱特性をカヤックから探索します。この湖の地熱特性の多くには、他の手段で近づくことができません。続いて、遠方のポッツ間欠泉を探索します。この太古の間欠泉には標識も遊歩道もなく、何といっても人の姿が見えません。ひっそりとしたビーチに降りてご用意したピクニックランチを楽しんだら、来たときと同じようにして午後2時〜3時ごろに車両に帰着します。時間はグループによって異なります。必要不可欠なカヤックの用具とパドリングの技術指導がすべて含まれています。カヤックの経験は必要ありません。どの技能レベルの方も歓迎します。ご要望に応じて、1人乗りと2人乗りのカヤックをご利用いただけます。




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, 6 2017

Brian and Alex did a great job and a great different war it experience part of Yellowstone

, 7 2016

Awesome tour! Relaxing yet engaging. Professional, personable, and knowledgeable guides.

, 6 2016

We had so much fun on this trip. Peter and Jason were terrific in leading the group and sharing information about the area. Would definitely recommend this to anyone coming to Yellowstone!

, 9 2015

It's pretty expensive but provided a unique viewpoint of the park. We got to see a couple eagles, which was great but no wildlife otherwise. It was hard to hear the guide at times, even though there was only 7 in our group, it was hard to stay right near the guide. Our meeting time was 9 am. Three of us were there on time. two more showed up about 1/2 hour late, and we didn't leave until 10 after the last two showed up. Wasn't happy that the first hour of the tour was spent waiting in the parking lot. The trip description says 9 - 3, but we were back at 2, even with starting at 10. It was like we were in a race to get back - got very tiring to keep paddling with no break.

, 8 2015

Our guide, Alex, was very knowledgeable about geysers, geology, the lake, fish, history, etc. etc. as well as kayaking. He was friendly, had a sound sense of humor and answered all questions. This, plus the actual experience of kayaking on Yellowstone Lake, made for a most enjoyable day. We've never kayaked before but Alex made us feel at ease and kept a constant lookout to be sure we were OK. Highly recommended!

, 8 2015

We enjoyed the tour and our guides were great. It was fun getting to see a geyser erupt that no one on land could see and then feel how hot the water became. That being said, it was hard getting back because it was against the wind. My kids weren't too happy about that, but I had a great time!

, 6 2015

Alex and Jason were great, low key and knowledgeable guides. Trip started a bit late due to miscommunication in the reservation confirmation I received, but that was the only glitch. Once we got on the water we had an amazing time. Pretty strenuous, but well worth it to see the geysers up close from the water. We were lucky, had a beautiful day. Highly recommend.

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