Doolin, アイルランド

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clock-o60分 (平均所要時間)


  • ドゥーリン発クリフス・オブ・モアー1時間クルーズ
  • 壮大なクリフス・オブ・モアーの下を船で進み、ユネスコ世界遺産を間近に体験しましょう
  • アイルランドのワイルド・アトランティック・ウェイ沿いの景色をじっくり眺め、岩が突き出たアン・ブリアナン・モアをご覧ください
  • 巣作りをする海鳥やニシツノメドリなど、現地の野生動物を見つけましょう
  • 見逃しがないよう、船内の音声解説がお手伝いします



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, 7 2018

Why walk along the top when you can get an up close and personal view from the water? Best place to see all the puffins and other birds plus the cliffs, of course. The dolphin that lead the way of our boat was worth the price of the tour by itself.

, 11 2017

Had a great time, and found would definitely recommend this activity to fellow travelers

, 8 2017

This is worth every penny, but mother nature didn't cooperate with us on that day. Ireland's weather is so unpredictable. I could of requested a refund but that's not fair to the company that runs the tour of the cliffs. If book the tour and the weather is nice this is an awesome boat ride.

, 8 2017

In a good day it will probably be a great tour. On a bad day the worst. A few people were feeling very bad with the movement of the boat due to the weather conditions.
Although I must say, the STAFF was Excellent in helping our discomfort and went beyond their duties to help us feel better.
Please ask about sea conditions if it matters to you

, 8 2017

awesome. Seas were alittle rough but it was sunny. I thought it was a great tour the only thing I would have liked was to get a bit closer. There were other tours that did, so I wasn't sure why we didn't.

, 6 2017

What a wonderful experience. The cliffs are amazing! The water was very rough the day we went out, but the crew made sure that everyone was safe and had a good ride.To be able to see those majestic cliffs from the water is quite an experience.
Booking the trip through Viator was so easy, thank you.

, 12 2016

It was good, but we were told to go underdecks at the beginning and it took most of the tour before we were told we could go to the bow of the boat. Not sure if anyone was actually sick, but there were plenty of green faces and they had plastic bags to hand out just in case! Beautiful views from the bottom, but poor communication by the crew.

, 10 2016

Fun boat trip to the cliffs. No Puffins out in October as they head South for warmer weather. The only draw back is that there is a charge for parking that was not given in the details of the trip.

, 9 2016

The Cliffs were phenomenal and the ferry ride was wild.

, 7 2016

This was definitely a good value tour, as you cannot get as good a view of The Cliffs of Moher any other way.
However, a word of caution if you are prone to equilibrium problems like car-sickness or sea-sickness--bring anti-nausea medicine! The waters were a bit rough on our tour, and there were t least 5 people on the boat feeling sickly from sea-sickness.
Also, be sure to bring a rain slicker, as it rained and cleared up a number of times during our tour.
Be sure to use the restroom somewhere in Doolin town before descending to the pier for paid parking and checking in to the tour office, though. Otherwise, the pier restrooms are about a 1/4 mile walk back up the road, and are fairly disgusting -- dirty, no soap, no towels for washing up after using the restroom.

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