ウィーン, オーストリア

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Time3時間 30分 (平均所要時間)
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3時間半のバスツアーで素晴らしいウィーン市内を満喫しましょう。シェーンブルン宮殿への優先入場券込みです。バスは有名なレン通りを通り、ホーフブルク宮殿、市庁舎、ウィーン国立歌劇場など主な名所を見ることができます。 その後、ハプスブルク家が夏場の離宮として使用した瀟洒なシェーンブルン宮殿を散策します。行列をスキップして中に入り、無数の部屋を巡りながらその歴史などについて説明を聞きましょう。
  • シェーンブルン宮殿に優先入場できます
  • 車で巡る3.5時間のウィーン見どころツアーおよびシェーンブルン宮殿訪問
  • リングシュトラーセを進み、ウィーン国立歌劇場や市庁舎、さらにハプスブルク家が冬を過ごしたホーフブルク王宮をご覧いただきます
  • ハプスブルク家が夏を過ごした、壮大なシェーンブルン宮殿を訪問します
  • ベテランガイドとともに、王家が生活をしていた特別室を探訪します
  • 自由時間には、庭園を散策したり、コーヒーや軽食をお楽しみいただけます(両方とも自己負担)
  • ご都合に合わせて、午前または午後のツアーをお選びください







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, 10 2018

The tour was an amazing experience. The guide was very helpful and explained it very neatly. Time of the tour was very punctual and tour was really good. The Bus was neat and tidy.Value for the Money.

, 10 2018

We were greeted at the Opera House just was we exited the underground subway -- the best way to get around in the center city. Lots of helpful Viator people! Bus was 2 level with plenty of comfortable seating. Our guide spoke English with hardly any accent at all. Using the 'quiet boxes" is so great because we can all hear everything what is said. This was a great tour and I highly recommend it!

, 9 2018

The bus tour portion was difficult to hear and see what was discussed at the same time. The guide spoke in both English and German so it was difficult to focus. It was not a worthwhile tour and I did not get much out of it.

The palace tour portion was nice because we skipped the line. The tour only lasted about 20 minutes in total as we moved from the different rooms. We were rushed through the rooms spending maybe 30 seconds in each room. The group was so large that you may not even be in the room when the guide is speaking about the room. There were no opportunities for questions. For example, we were in one room with four paintings, the guide discussed three of them. So what about the fourth?

Moreover, this tour guide was not particularly friendly and really showed no interest in being the guide. This was demonstrated by her slow and sluggish walk with us up to the palace.

By the end of the tour there was 30 minutes left to explore the palace grounds which are extensive!. And with a 10 minute walk back to the bus, you really couldn't do anything or see the grounds! So we just didn't get back on the bus and explored the grounds ourselves.

I recommend interested folks to purchase a ticket early to skip the lines online, take the metro to get there, and use the audio guides that are already there. You will save money and probably have a much better experience. I do not recommend this tour.

, 9 2018

Excelente la organización de la visita y el manejo de los tiempos para recorrerlo. Muy linda la historia del palacio.

, 8 2018

The reason I only give 2 stars is because our tourguide was not only terrible with the English language ( I didn’t know if she was speaking German or English) hence I did not take away any Vienna history, but she was also very flat, expressionless throughout the whole thing. I was able to see the beautiful sites in Vienna and skip the lines in the palace but I wasn’t able to learn any of the important history from her. Very disappointed.

, 7 2018

Decent tour if you have a day or 2 to visit.
Two deck Bus is too big and too crowded. It goes only within the ring ,
Palace is gorgeous but tour is again really fast and there is only 40 min allowed to see the grounds afterwards, which should be 2 hours.

, 7 2018

The palace is a top attraction, and is always crowded during the summer months. We enjoyed the fast pace of the trip through the second floor... but wished that we had more time on our own to explore the expansive gardens and zoo. Very glad that we didn’t need to spend time waiting in lines to purchase tickets and enter.
Our guide spoke English clearly, and was responsive to our questions. Overall, a good ( albeit somewhat rushed) tour.

, 4 2018

We arrived at the pick up point on time as was our guide and coach driver, however the directions to get there were a little vague. Our guide was very good and having a tour of the city before was well worth it before we went to the palace. The big plus here was having the ticket already purchased as the queues for tickets was very long. The Palace itself is impressive and a must see when visiting Vienna. We were take back to the collection point at the Opera House on time.

, 2 2018

Overall the tour was great but I wouldve preferred that it was in English the whole time rather than a mix of German and then English. I felt that some things werent completely explained compared to when the guide was talking in German.

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