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  • ウィーン出発の1日旅行では、モーツァルトの故郷ザルツブルクを訪れます
  • ユネスコ世界遺産に登録されている、ザルツブルク旧市街のウォーキングツアー
  • ミラベル宮殿の有名な庭園をご覧ください。
  • ウィーン国立歌劇場で終了









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, 1 2019

Pick up was easily accessible right in front of the opera house where the subway entrance is. The bus was very clean, was lucky to do this on a slow day I think my group had 16 people so the ride was very quiet. Karl our tour guide was so nice and talked a bit about the areas we drove through! I was very jet lagged and first day in Austria so I would sleep for the two hours between each stop which made the day fly by! The lakes were beautiful I came in January the area was covered in snow. Karl was very knowledgeable about the city was also able point out numerous spots where the sound of music took place which I really enjoyed. Salzburg was Amazing, so many viewpoints of the city that were fantastic. A lot of shops, I would say half luxury type and half souvenir shops. Had a little over 2 hours to ourselves which was plenty for me I walked up to the castle and then was able to enjoy lunch as well and pick up some souvenirs! Others where able to go through some of the smaller museums. Highly recommend, if you don’t mind the travel time in between stops I definitely took advantage of that.

, 12 2018

The guide had to alternate between english and spanish for our group. This was especially a problem during the walking portion of the tour, as it was somewhat painful to stand at a spot in the cold to listen to the explanation in english, and then spanish. Furthermore, the group size was quite large (about 30 people), and half the group would be unable to hear what the guide was saying at any one point. That would make about 5 mins of waiting at a spot essentially doing nothing. The stop along the way at St Gilgen was nice, as it would probably be difficult getting there yourself. Otherwise at salzburg itself, the tour was nothing fantastic

, 11 2018

Although a long day saw all the important sights of Saltzburg. Doris was an amazing tour guide and very knowledgable. The stops in the Lake District were also worth worthwhile. Many comfort stops to beat the long bus ride. Had a great day visiting the sound of music land.

, 9 2018

The stopover at the lake Mondsee was the best part of the tour for me. Salzburg is an intimate locale. Thomas, the guide, delivers history with humor which made the long trip easier.

, 8 2018

This was a very nice tour to be taken when in Austria. The guide Mr Thomas explained each and every thing in detail , had a thorough knowledge of the local history and did an overall excellent job. The scenery on the way to Salzburg is simply amazing, so is the vibrant city of Mozart and Doppler! It was teeming with thousands of tourists understandably 2.2million /year, yet most of the local shopkeepers and people at the restaurants seldom speak any English, they prefer German, so many a times explaining what you want may be a task!!Getting pics clicked on the Lock Bridge was also a good experience. If you take a day trip from Vienna, it makes you feel hard strapped for time in Salzburg to enjoy the city fully.

, 7 2018

Para ver Salzburg es necesario estar al menos 2 ó 3 días.
La excursión de 1 día es insuficiente y no pude ver demasiado.

, 7 2018

It was great. Enjoyed the scenery. The guide and driver were very good. We enjoyed the Lakes area before Salzburg and Salzburg was awesome. We were going to go on the walking tour but the tour guide just kept on prattling on and on about the history of the place back to the stone ages. We just wanted to go an see the Sound of Music Places etc and were not overly interested in Mozart. We found our way around and had a really good time. Some others on the tour wished they had done what we did as well as they found the Mozart not as interesting as Sound of Music.

, 7 2018

This tour was a waste of money. It was really only your transportation from Vienna to Salzburg - you would be far better to get train tickets and do it yourself. If the price reflected just transportation we would not have been upset - but we felt we paid much to much for what we got. There was a guide but she was not very good - she would point things out after we had already passed them. We were split into groups in Salzburg and the guy we got there was even worse.

, 6 2018

Beautiful city, but the tour could have been much better. Our tour guide was very rude and discriminatory right from the very beginning he was referring to families based on their ethnicity, which I thought was very inappropriate making the tour very uncomfortable from the very beginning. The group was also way too big and I think splitting the group up would have been more effective. I would have honestly given this tour one star if it wasn't for Salzburg's charm. Go with another tour company or even a private tour I heard the price difference is not that much. I went with this company specifically since they had so many reviews, but I was very disappointed.

, 5 2018

The journey was amazing. They step through small towns that have amazing views of mountains and lakes. Totally worth the trip. Also visiting close to Christmas time of the year makes it more spectacular.

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