ストラスブール, フランス

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  • ストラスブールから向かう、アルザスの人気スポットを巡る1日のツアー
  • エギスアイムとリクヴィールの魅力的な村落をご覧ください
  • 有名なアルザスワインルートを、いばらで包まれた丘からお楽しみください
  • ルート上にあるワイナリーで、アルザス特産のワインをテイスティングしていただけます
  • ヴォージュ・アルザス平野を見下ろす、オー・ケニグスブール城をお楽しみください
  • 8人限定の少人数ツアーで、あなたに最適化されたイベントをお楽しみください
ストラスブールからの日帰り旅行は、町の中心部で待っているガイドと合流し、ミニバンに乗って始まります。エアコン完備の快適なドライブで、景色をお楽しみください。最初の停留所は、コルマールの村です。ここでガイド付きのウォーキングツアーが行われます。街の石畳の通りには特徴的なドイツ風の半木造の建物が並んでおり、いくつかの運河も見えます。聖マルティン教会や16世紀のフィスター邸など、コルマールの主要観光スポットをご覧になり、リトルヴェネツィアのような歴史的地区を散策してみましょう。 次の停車地は、花が飾られた中世の建物で知られている絵のように美しい町、エギスハイムです。そしてリクヴィールへと出発します。魅力的な町は中世の壁の中にあり、曲がりくねった路地やチョコレートボックスの家々があります。昼食(自費)をする時間を含め、あなた一人できれいな町を探索する時間をお楽しみください。

アルザスツアーは続き、次の見どころは170kmのアルザスワインルートです。この見晴らしの良い道路は、ヴォージュ山脈のふもとにある丘陵地帯や過去のワイン畑を穏やかに覆っています。ワイナリーでガイド付きのワイン試飲セッションを終え、最終目的地、オー・ケニグスブール城に向かう道に戻ります。 12世紀に建てられた城は、人々がかつて住んでいた場所を含めて、中を探索していただけます。この強力な要塞は北ヨーロッパと東ヨーロッパの塩、小麦、ワインの交易ルートを支配していました。ツアーの出発点であるストラスブールへ向かうミニバンに戻ってくる前に、城の丘の頂点から素晴らしい景色をお楽しみください。



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, 10 2018

Enjoyed the tour very much. Colmar, and the other villages were just delightful. Misleading info on tour description Sample some local Alsatian wines at a winery along the route was not included in the tour. I did not care much about the wine tasting but feel that it should not be in tour information as this is misleading.

, 10 2018

We were not disappointed, the tour was well organized, we got a taste of all places mentioned. A very good tour to get an idea of all the places and enjoy a day out of Strasbourg. We did not read carefully all terms and found out during the tour that in 2018 the wine sampling is optional. That would have been better to leave out of the description when booking the tour.

, 9 2018

We thoroughly enjoyed our Day Trip in Alsace. The tour guide was knowledgeable and personable. We gained a much better understanding of the region and had a great time with our small group.

, 8 2018

This is an excellent way to see Alsace. Our guide, Ariane, was perfect. She was our guide throughout, including the castle, and provided history and context in a way that only a local person can. She timed our full day of activities in such a way that we did not feel rushed but were able to see so much. In particular, during the drive she took us through a number of small towns and pointed out interesting features we would otherwise have missed.

, 7 2018

This was a truly wonderful trip. Our guide Ariane was very well educated about the complicated history of the region. As a native of Alsace, she was also able to share info from her first hand experience. The day was filled with beauty. The small villages were spectacular and the ride through rolling fields of vineyards was breathtaking. The castle visit was fascinating. We highly recommend this trip.

, 7 2018

Olivier was a great guide and we thoroughly enjoyed our day. Small group gave us lots of interaction with the guide and ability to ask questions. Lunch time break also created the opportunity for wine tasting on our own. The castle was very historically interesting and the towns of the region were charming. Be sure you watch for the storks! What a treat.

, 4 2018

Enjoyed this trip and it was nice to see all of these villages. We could have seen them as well with a car rental, but that is just our family's preference. Loved Colmar, wish we'd had more time there.

, 4 2018

This was a very full itinerary, and our guide never for a moment waivered in her enthusiasm and passion. Florence was an outstanding guide for our first family trip to Alsace with boys aged 9 and 10--so very different from other regions of France. My wife and I would have gladly joined her for the next day's wine route tour, but for the aforementioned kids. Next time!

, 3 2018

This was a wonderful tour that my daughter and I enjoyed. Our guide Florencia was terrific. She was a fantastic tour guide. The tour was in English, but our guide was able to also speak to the Spanish speakers on our tour. We loved the tour of the beautiful city of Colmar. Eguisheim and Riquewihr were towns out of a fairytale. The Koenigsburg Castle was very interesting. We did not have a car on our trip, so it was nice to be able to tour the surrounding towns by being driven there.

, 11 2017

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