サンクトペテルブルグ, ロシア連邦

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clock-o3時間 (平均所要時間)


  • エルミタージュ美術館までの、そして美術館内の3時間のガイド付きウォーキングツアー
  • 旧海軍省、アニチコフ宮殿、カザン聖堂など、サンクトペテルブルクの観光名所を目にすることができます
  • マティス、ピカソ、レオナルド・ダ・ヴィンチ、ベラスケス、そしてヴァン・ダイクなどの作品を含むコレクションを鑑賞しましょう。
  • 最大6名の少人数ツアーのため、よりお客様のご希望に沿うことができます
エルミタージュ美術館に到着したら、壮大な外観を鑑賞し、手始めに、冬の宮殿内にある世界最大の芸術コレクションのひとつであるこの美術館の自慢の品々をご覧ください。エカチェリーナ2世がどのように1764年に美術館を設立し、そして冬の宮殿の建物がかつて数多くのロシア皇帝の住居であったことを知りましょう。 ギャラリーの見所を2時間に渡って案内するツアーがあります。マティスによる印象派の作品、ルーベンス、レンブラント、ヴァン・ダイクなどのフランダースの芸術家による傑作、レオナルド・ダ・ヴィンチやミケランジェロによるルネサンスの宝物などを見学することができる、豪華絢爛なホールを巡るガイドについて行きましょう。ゴヤ、ベラスケス、エル・グレコの作品を見るには、スペインのセクションを散策してください。



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, 2 2018

Julia was an excellent guide. She picked us up right on time and was very helpful to us. We had a 2 year old toddler and she was considerate and patient whenever my toddler roams and causes racket. I just want to clarify in this tour that the pick-up from the hotel is actually a guide picking you up and you walk all the way to the hermitage while they point out historical stuff while you walk. I was under an expectation that there would be some transfers my mistake. Because we have a baby and I kept on slipping in the snow, Julia offered to get a taxi which was what I really needed. We learned a lot at the hermitage. Thank you to Julia.

, 9 2017

Roman was very pleasant , knowledgeable and very helpful
W had an excellent view of the enormous Hermitage - we saw so much more with his guidance
No queueing and picked up from our hotel
Highly recommended

, 8 2017

We were very pleased with the guide. She was very knowledgeable, and did and excellent job. She gave us the most of touring the Hermitage galleries that one can do in the space of three hours. During the walk to the Hermitage, our guide provided interesting information of the sites, churches and other buildings we passed along the way. We would recommend this tour to anyone with limited time to view the Hermitage galleries.

, 8 2017

We were 3 adults on this trip. Great experience. The guide spoke excellent English and was very knowledgeable and service minded. The tour was just as described and well worth the price. There was very much to see and difficult to find your way, so the guide made it a much better visit than we would have been able to get by ourselves. The Hermitage is a large compound and after this tour we were quite satisfied with culture and history and happy to leave the premises and take lunch.

, 7 2017

Having a guide to walk you through the Hermitage is a must to make the experience enjoyable. Our guide, knowledgeably guided us through the labyrinth of halls and exhibitions, pointing out things of interest and asking us what we would like to see. Her knowledge of Russian history and Art history really added to our experience. She was personable and very easy to communicate with. Money well spent.

, 6 2017

Our knowlegable and wonderful guide, Lida, withMariaRose Tours spoke English clearly. Besides she was very nice. She was on time to pick us up at our hotel. She walked with us to the Hermitage and told us a Lot about Russian History through the paintings of the Czars. When her tour was over she showed us how we could find art highlights that same afternoon and told us about some some other sites to visit. One very nice tour.

, 5 2017

This was a fantastic tour with my very knowledgable guide, Lida. She met me at my hotel and we talked about the city as we strolled to the Hermitage. She took care of most of the hassle of getting in and guided me through the entry process. I wouldn't say that we got early access but rather easier access, which still counts for a lot at this venue. I don't recommend visiting for the first time without a guide. Not only did Lida know much about the history of the place, she was able to point me to details that I would have definitely missed without her. In addition, it's quite easy to get lost and I would have wasted much time going from specific site to site without her direction. Which I did quite a lot after she left me... It was also quite a bonus to have a one-on-one experience with a guide as the contrast to the large group tours was obvious.

, 1 2017

This Tour is highly recommended! Our knowledgable and well English speaking guide showed us all important sights outside and inside the Hermitage. Plenty of Russian history. Inside the tour was tailored to our needs of the different pieces of art we wanted to see. All in all well worth the money!

, 12 2016

We really enjoyed this tour. Very knowledgeable guide. Showing the highlights of the hermitage. Handy helpful tips too. Highly recommend. We went on a Wednesday which meant that we could enjoy rest of day looking around in our own time.

, 9 2016

Brilliant and knowledgeable explanation

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