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  • ガイドと一緒に韓国の食品市場を訪れ、地元の人が使用する材料を見ましょう。
  • 丁寧な指導の下、美味しい昼食または夕食の準備をしましょう。
  • 食べ物が韓国の文化や伝統にどのように関与しているか学びましょう。
  • 最大8名様の少人数ツアーです。ガイドが参加者一人一人が満足できる体験をお届けします。



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, 5 2018

I believe that food always brings people together and if you want to start to feel at home in South Korea and have an idea about Korean cuisine...its an absolute definite with Chris at his K-cooking class studio in Mangwon. So much fun as he shares his lovely cooking studio with his guests. Before reaching the K-cooking studio, Chris walks you through the Mangwon Market, pointing out foods that are used in Korean cuisine. You can select the veges for your Bibimbab and dessert! Chris opens the door to a beautifully adorned dining room with Korean masks and dolls where you will dine after preparing your meal. Before you leave, Chris gifts each participant with the recipes for the dishes you prepared and a personal picture for your memories in South Korea! 많은 감사Chris, for a wonderful evening and dinner! I'll be back!

, 4 2018

Before my solo trip to Seoul I knew I wanted to sign up for a cooking class. I was so lucky to run into Chef Chris Korean Cooking Class because it was much more than I expected it to be. He was so friendly, knowledgeable, easy going and made a friend for life. Besides the cooking and delicious food that we ate, I think my favorite part was going to the local market and learning about the culture and history of Korean food. It was so much fun overall and would highly recommend it. VLOG on my channel, Kuya Jep Eats and Travels, will be up soon. Thanks again Chris!

, 3 2018

Highly recommended and I would definitely do this again if and when we come back to Seoul! Its probably one of the best things my husband and I did while we were in Seoul. Chris was so friendly and very informative when we asked questions regarding food and korean culture. Chris picks you up at the subway entrance and you get to walk down a korean market picking up a few items for the class, which I enjoyed a lot! i enjoyed the space we were in during the cooking class. I liked the one on one while cooking and learning more about korean food as we cooked. My husband and I enjoyed this so much and had great company with the others who also booked this!

, 10 2017

I'm Korean-American and grew up eating Korean food but never cooked a Korean dish before. This class was such a great experience! Not only did I learn a lot, I had so much fun at the same time as well. So glad my boyfriend and I got to experience this while in Seoul. Also impressed with Chris' apartment and how professional it was.

, 10 2017

Learn about Korean food culture, explore Mangwon Market, and cook delicious food with Chris! Chriss apartment is outfitted with professional workstations and a lovely dining area to enjoy our efforts. We got so much more than instructions on two recipes. With Chris as our personable instructor, we felt like we made a friend in Korea.

, 10 2017

I highly recommend this class - best way to immerse into Korean culture once you've arrived to Seoul.
It's more than merely cooking - it starts with a stroll through local market where Chris the teacher will start the introduction to traditional Korean cuisine. Later, at Chris's pad professionally equipped for cooking though, you will get hands on and make your own meal, but no worries if you have zero culinary experience - help and guidance will be provided at every stage.
I had lovely dinner shared with Chris and my lovely classmates. It set the tone for the rest of my trip which was very nice.
Thank you Chris!!

, 9 2017

If you love Korean food, I highly recommend you take this class! It started with a tour of a market in Mangwon introducing my classmate, Jeanise, and I to different goods and produce available in a traditional Korean market such as fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat products, rice cakes and numerous side dishes that are staple in any Korean household. Then we proceeded to our teacher Chris's apartment where he gave us a short lecture about food culture in their country. After which, we started with the cooking class proper. Before we started with the hands on cooking of the main dishes, Chris first taught us as how to cook Korean pancakes and prepare tofu salad, which are indeed bonuses to this class! Thereafter, he taught us step by step the processes in cooking Bulgogi and Japchae. When I tasted my dishes, I really can't believe how authentic they tasted and it was me who cooked them! After we finished cooking, we proceeded with dinner to enjoy the fruits of our labor and during which we got to know each better. It's just like hanging out with longtime friends! I love the idea that it's just a small class because it was very warm and personal as if a good friend was just teaching us how to cook. Good job, Chris! It's really one of the highlights of my trip. Thanks so much!

, 9 2017

My girlfriend and I recently went to Chris' cooking class. It was a fantastic experience where we explored a local market, learned about Korean food, and received guidance on how to cook authentic Korean dishes. Everyone gets involved in making each dish. Chris makes learning fun since he is very friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend this class regardless of whether you enjoy cooking or not! It's a great way to spend the day.

, 8 2017

This was an amazing experience! We absolutely enjoyed learning about Korean food and how to prepare a traditional Korean meal. Chris was very professional and friendly. We highly recommend this cooking class.

, 8 2017

The class was amazing! Chris is such a good teacher and really knows his stuff. He's knowledgeable and easy going. The set up he has for cooking is very professional while easy to replicate when you get home. I strongly recommend this tour!

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