Icheon-si, 韓国

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12時間 (平均所要時間)
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このソウル発の12時間日帰り旅行では、ジサン スキー リゾートにお連れします。ソウルから近いため、旅行者にも地元の住民にも非常に人気があります。 このツアーでは4種類のパッケージが用意されており、初心者向けスキー レッスンまたはそり滑り、ツアー中にお手伝いをするフレンドリーなガイドが含まれています。 景色を楽しみ、冬のそよ風を感じ、家族や友人とスキーを楽しみましょう。



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, 2 2017

Skiing was one of my highlights in my trip. The resort is absolutely beautiful and the traveling there didn't take long either.
We were picked up at our place and we got to a tour bus were we were given toast and milk for breakfast. We were transported to the ski resort and the tour guide helped pick out suitable clothing and safety wear. He was very knowledgeable and gave a very thorough explanation. He then guided us one by one down the slope gave tips as we went. We all never went skiing before but with the lessons it gave us the confidence to advance to the tougher slopes. I highly recommend getting the full package as the lift pass definitely is more convenient and gives more time to enjoy skiing.
The tour guide was really friendly and interesting to talk to. He was very good at english and recommended places to visit in Korea. He was very helpful and even took care of my friend that felt sick during the trip.
Overall, I high highly recommend this tour!

, 1 2017

Tour guide didn't understand English well. Unorganized tour. You're better off getting the most basic package just to get to the resort. Buy your own lift tickets and rent your own ski clothing when you get to the ski shop and the actual resort. If you pay the tour guide, you are paying too much.

, 12 2016

The tour guide spoke english very well and was very nice and helpful! We were picked up promptly at our hotel, made quick stops to pick up the rest and they even provided some sandwiches and a drink for breakfast! My of 6 group were all beginner skiers and the instructor did her best to teach us one at a time and although we fell a lot, she encouraged us not to give up. Her persistence pushed me to keep getting back up and I ended up enjoying skiing! If you're a beginner like us, I recommend to get the basic package first, rent the skii wear at the shop additional 20 and then buy the lift if you find yourself naturally gifted at skipping when you're there. They offer lift discounts for students. Overall I highly recommend this tour!! Its super fun and a great experience! Even my mom who considers herself a senior citizen had a great time taking pictures for social media and falling on her butt a couple times!

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