Seoul, 韓国

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5時間 30分 (平均所要時間)
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ディナー、ホテル送迎サービス、ガイド付き5時間30分の夜景クルーズ。 夕暮れ時のハン川で、夜を迎えようとする街の景色と、ライトアップされたNソウル タワーをお楽しみ下さい。



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, 11 2017

Had so much fun on this tour. The boat ride was fun and a refreshing way to see the sights. Our tour guide was wonderful and, having had them on the previous day’s tour, already felt like a close friend. Thank you!

, 9 2017

This tour was good, but not great for me. First we were taken to a restaurant, and it was an authentic korean cuisine. And then taken to the cruise area where we waited for the departure. I thought it would have been beter if we actually had dinner inside the cruise ship. After that we were taken to the seoul tower. It was a so-so tower really. Nothing special. I've seen better towers and even then i wasnt impressed.

I think my biggest drawback is the tourguide, she was really sweet and nice but there is something about her that felt like she was rushing. I think this is because of language barrrier. She talks english but ofcourse not fluently.

, 5 2017

Had a lot of fun on the tour.

, 4 2017

Seoul is beautiful and dinner was amazing! Very lovely tour

, 10 2016

The tour was amazing and our guide was wonderful very nice and helpful!

, 5 2016

First, the Bulgogi dinner: We had it at a restaurant near the port and I found a large fly in my bulgogi pot : Tiny, our tour guide, said that it has never happened before and we were treated to free drinks to make amends and they replaced my bulgogi with a fresh one.
The weather was terrible that time since it has been raining non-stop but we were still able to go with the cruise. It's good to see the amazing city lights from the cruise, it was just very cold that time so make sure to wear the proper clothes.
We then went to the N Seoul Tower still raining, we cannot see the city view since it was blocked by rain clouds so we just toured around the gift shop and had our photo op. The good thing though was that there were very few visitors that time so it's easy to move around.
Our last stop was the floor where there were many love lockets. We just took our photos and left since it was still raining. It was unfortunate that were not able to utilize our N Seoul Tower visit.

I would recommend this tour but just hope and pray that it doesn't rain as it will surely affect the experience. Also, check your Bulgogi bowl before eating :D

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