Seoul, 韓国

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3時間 (平均所要時間)
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  • 歴史がある鍾路区の夜のグルメと歴史体験ツアー
  • 自分では見つけられないような穴場レストランを3箇所訪れます。
  • 本場の韓国料理をお召し上がりいただき、ガイドから各料理の歴史について聞けます。
  • 10名以下の少人数グループなので和気藹々とした雰囲気です。



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, 3 2018

We ate delicious Korean Barbeque, toppoki and Korean fried chicken in places only locals would know. We enjoyed local beers and sojou with our wonderful guide Eunbi. She led us through the fabulous Jongro district of restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Our tour was wonderful! So glad we did it and made some new friends in Seoul!

, 1 2018

Our Tour was organised by the superlative brother-sister team of Taesan and Eunbi- founders of the unique concept Tour Company, Seoul Hunters. The moment I reserved the tour on Viator, Taesan alias T, surprised me with a whatsapp message, introducing himself and asking me about mine and my family's interests in Korean cuisine and of our dietary restrictions. In the weeks leading to our tour, back and forth messages ensued between T and us, as he wanted to have things organised to perfection and ensure that we had valuable sightseeing, food and shopping tips in all the places we were going to visit in South Korea. He also patiently answered all our questions relating to weather conditions and foreign exchange requirements. On the day of the tour, we were thrilled to have his sister and co-founder of Seoul Hunters, Enubi, as our guide. She made us try 3 of Seoul's iconic foods in well-known, traditional restaurants- a delicious barbeque where she taught us how to eat the meat with the leaves, condiments, sauces and kimchi provided, Korean Rice Dumpling Soup and Fried Chicken made in a variety of styles. Along with the delicious food, the conversations we had about Korean history, tradition, culture and everyday life, made us feel that we didn't want the night to end. Before we bid adieu to Enubi, we were given beautiful traditional Korean souvenirs and had a surprise visit from T who gave my 16 year old daughter a parcel of 'Takoyaki'. We were touched that he had remembered that this was one of the dishes on her wish list and even though there weren't any restaurants open in most of Seoul at that time of night which were serving the dish, he took the effort to personally drive around the city until he found a restaurant that made it, just to make my daughter happy. Booking this tour will ensure you get delicious and unique food experiences in unusual places and the best of services of experienced, knowledgeable, goodhearted, local South Korean guides.
Felicia Variava Albert, Managing Director, Blaze Tours and Travels, Mumbai, India

, 12 2017

This tour was amazing! T, our guide, was so fun and it truly felt as though a close friend was showing us around Seoul. I enjoyed how flexible and fluid the tour was, with numerous food choices to try. I highly recommend any SeoulHunter tours!

, 11 2017

Enjoyed the food tour and was throughly filled at the end of the tour. The tour guide was gracious and accommodating and he went over the history and modern day relevance of various Korean dishes and beverages.

, 9 2017

Awesome tour. T was great friendly and helpful. Showed me around, introduced me to the culture, several food options I'd never have considered.

I recommend anyone looking to experience an authentic view of Seoul, to give this tour a shot.

, 9 2017

Great tour I was only person so bonus with personalised tour
Logan was awesome and took some great photos which he emailed through next day
Would definitely recommend

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