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3日 (平均所要時間)
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都会を逃れ、ソウルからの3日間ツアーで済州島の独特な自然と由緒ある文化を発見してください。初めて韓国を訪れた方には最適です。3日間で、金寧海水浴場、拒文オルム溶岩洞窟系 (万丈窟)、 サリョニ林道、「茶喜然」茶畑といった観光名所を訪れます。さらに、ユネスコ世界自然遺産である城山日出峰を探訪し、タンジェリンの収穫期であれば、タンジェリン狩りも体験できます。2泊、一部食事、ソウルからの往復航空券を含みます。



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, 8 2018

..David was great. Very friendly nice anf knowledgeable. He made the experience very fun.

, 7 2018

I was hesitant about booking via Viator because I never heard of it before but it was keep popping up when I did google in Seoul. I booked Jeju Island trip in 4 days in advance and I held my breath. We followed their itinerary though I wish they gave us a local phone number as our driver was about an hour late. Nevertheless, she was extremely apologetic. The Best Western Hotel was better than I expected – clean, friendly staff, etc. With a dumb luck, we found a local restaurant specializing galbi tang (best I ever had) within a walking distance from the hotel. Apparently, it was featured on TV. Excellent and cheap place to go.
Second day, we had an awesome breakfast buffet of Korean, American, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese dishes. Presentation was good and everything was clean. We were greeted by our tour guide and big tour bus with air conditioner and comfy seats as there were about 20+ people. Our guide was excellent in planning and logistically switched places for tours due to rain but we got to see everything on the itinerary. The lunch was an experience – a huge buffet place with so many people. I guess if you are in Korea, you will need that experience of pushing, bustling and hustling. As for dinner, we were recommended to go to this local and small restaurant behind the hotel. Had an amazing experience. The cook/owner actually took the time to explain the BBQ of Black Pig and gave us traditional Jeju Island seaweed soup and more!!!!
Third day, we were met by our same tour guide. Since there were 3 of us, she brought her mini van and gave us almost private tour. Beautiful weather!!!! Awesome foot massage stop was included. The lunch with freshly grilled mackerel was delicious. We got to see the Woman Divers performed and took pictures with them too. She then dropped us at the airport.
Overall, I must say it was a great experience. They provided an excellent service. The tour guide was extremely nice. It certainly was a beautiful place to visit.
When I returned to Seoul, I booked 2 additional trips using Viator – a day trip to Gyeongju and a day trip to Soraksan/Nami Island. All were excellent!!!!

, 1 2018

Great package! So much was included, so it was great for the price!! We booked the tour last minute, so it definitely saved us money on flight costs, and the hotel was very, very nice 4-star hotel. The hotel is already worth half the price of the package around 200. Jeju is beautiful. We saw a lot during our 2 full-days of touring the island day 2 and 3. The first day of touring we spent on the north and east side of Jeju. It was in December, so it was very windy and cold Jeju is EXTREMELY windy, but still very enjoyable. The first day of touring was very fast-paced. At some times, I wish it wasn't as fast-paced as it was because we didn't have time to fully enjoy it we only had 10 minutes to look around the green tea farm, which literally just allowed us time in and out of the cafe cave and at Ilchubong Peak we had about 1 hour total to climb up and down the peak, see the woman diver show, and leave. We are slow climbers and had to miss the woman diver show. On our second day of touring we explored the south and west part of the island, and it was much less fast paced, which was nice. But the first day definitely had better sites. Tangerine picking was fun and the tangerines are so yummy. They taste like cuties which you can find in American grocery stores. But of course they were fresher and therefore more delicious!! Overall we had a great time, we just wish the first day was less packed and had more time to enjoy the sites.

, 8 2017

One of the highlights of our trip to Seoul and South Korea is this Jeju trip for 3 days, our tour guide is Sarah and she is so patient and full of information that she shared with us during the whole time of the tour. And she also gives us enough time to take pictures and look out for the best scenic spots during the tour. For anyone looking for more things to do in South Korea book this tour as I recommend this 200 as one of the best tour we had during our 2weeks holidays here , we just came back yesterday Aug. 13, and we promised ourselves that we will write this review so that for new tourist coming to Korea this should be no. 1 in your itinerary. And make sure to take a daily bus tour in Jeju , you can get the ticket from your hotel with a 1,000 won discount, we paid only 8,000 won when we bought our ticket from Jeju Kal hotel, which is also one of the best hotel we ever stayed in, breakfast in included in the tour and the food are superb. Visit Dongmun market and buy your tangerines from there they are all sweet and very cheap too. Don't forget to buy some boiled corn from an Auntie just outside the Dongmun market as they are sweet and you are able to help her too., she's always there selling her corn. Try the black pork meat in one of the best restaurants selling this BBQ, it was so delicious, nothing in this tour was disappointing. So if you are making choices to complete your itinerary, book this tour , you will love it, just be sure your are 100 and ready for walking, hiking, trekking, climbing and the heights!!! It's all worth it believe me. the Jeju bus tour is not included in this tour but when you arrive on the first day and contemplating of what to do with your time ask the hotel about the Jeju bus tour and they will bring you all around the city and you will see all the sights , it's a hop on and hop off bus tour. I will rate this 3day Jeju Island tour 200, we enjoyed everything in this tour and nothing disappointed us. BTW, make sure you open your eyes when the tour guide brings you to the magical road, and try to see what's its all about. You will know what I mean once you are there.

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