シアトル, ワシントン

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clock-o12時間 (平均所要時間)


シアトルからカナダのブリティッシュコロンビア州のビクトリアまでの日帰り旅行が素晴らしく楽になりました。ビクトリア・クリッパーに乗船し、ビクトリアの美しい町への日帰り旅行をお楽しみ下さい。シアトルの繫華街近くの波止場より出航します。高速船のビクトリア・クリッパーでは、3時間のクルーズをのんびりとお楽しみいただけます。ピュージェット湾からビクトリアのインナー・ハーバーまで巡航します。この乗客専用のフェリーでは、多数の素晴らしいサービスをご提供いたします。広々とした快適な座席や船内の免税店をご利用いただけます。また、軽食やお飲み物をお買い求めいただけます。片道、あるいは、往復のツアーをお選びいただけます。米国/カナダの国境を越える際は、米国のパスポートかパスポートカード、またはエンハンスド・ドライバーズ・ライセンス(EDL)か ID カード(ID)が必要です。
  • シアトルからビクトリアへ行く高速船
  • 広々とした快適な座席でリラックスした旅を
  • 船内の免税店でお買い物
  • お食事バスケットまたはお飲み物をお買い求めいただけます
  • 片道もしくは往復チケットをお選びいただけます
シアトルの繫華街の中心部にあるピア69にて早朝にフェリーに乗船します。ビクトリアまでの快適な船旅を優雅にお楽しみ下さい。ピュージェット湾からフアン・デ・フカ海峡までの3時間のクルーズをお楽しみ下さい。フェリーは、ビクトリアのインナー・ハーバーに到着します。 ゆったりとした、すわり心地の良い座席により、広々とした足元のスペースを確保しています。快適な船旅をのんびりとお楽しみいただけます。テーブル付きの座席もございますので、船内のお座席にてお食事やお飲み物をお楽しみいただけます。(お食事と飲み物は含まれていません。) 船内の免税店にてお買い物をお楽しみいただけます。プレゼント、高級品やお土産をお買い求めいただけます。あるいは、デッキに出て、美しい景色をお楽しみいただけます。親切な乗務員が、ご質問の全てにお答えし、全力でお手伝いいたします。 ビクトリアのインナー・ハーバーに停泊いたします。その場所は、ビクトリアの繫華街の中心部のすぐ近くにあります。この便利な停泊場所により、下船と同時に各自でビクトリアを観光することができます。フェリーには、午後4時までにお戻りください。また、出航は、5時です。シアトルには、午後8時までに到着します。






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, 10 2018

We could tell the Clipper has been in business a long time. They have every detail perfected. If you buy your tickets through Viator, you get on in the first group. It was nice to be able to choose where we sit. The boat was very full on the ride over on Saturday morning, but not as much on Saturday pm because many people stay for the weekend. Seats were comfortable. There is not much to see along the way so bring something to do...cards, book, movie, etc. Minimal food is available for purchase by credit card only, but what they have is good. You can bring your own snacks/drinks if you want. Allow some extra time for disembarking as it is don't in groups. Overall, a great way to get to Victoria for the a day or two.

, 9 2018

What a great way to travel from Seattle to Victoria BC. Roomy seats and great staff made for a nice adventure. We were fortunate to see Orca Whales on the trip to Victoria BC. Loading and unloading was organized and orderly. Would highly recommend taking this day trip.

, 9 2018

The day trip from Seattle to Victoria on Victoria Clipper was amazing. For those who have motion sickness - the boat is so fast and powerful that you feel no motion, and they also offer free dramamine, so my husband who is usually reluctant to travel by sea felt great. The crew is fantastic, bringing you food and beverages, answering questions about Victoria, young, polite, knowledgeable people. It takes 2 hr 45 min, which doesn't feel too long. The only thing is that you need to get to the pier by 6:30 in the morning, and our tickets didn't say that we must be there one hour before departure. It's a good thing we went to check out the location of Pier 69 the night before and asked if showing up at 7:20 am is OK (the departure is 7:30). The guy at the booth said that their boarding ends at 7:15 and the tickets are non-refundable. We were lucky to go there and ask!

, 8 2018

Trip was excellent, ride was smooth and the service was great. Could have more charging stations or install a charging port at each seat.

, 8 2018

Interesting experience. Well run and managed trip. Fascinating boat — very fast and very smooth. Didn’t seem to take the two and a half hours or so that it did. Very comfortable and attentive service and information in board. Staff very accommodating. One of the fastest boats of its size in Western Hemisphere! Highly recommended mode of travel to and from Victoria. Oh, make reservations early to get early seating group and suggest you arrive 45 minutes or so early to get in queue.

, 7 2018

Easy, fun - a good day for the trip, weather was perfect. Crew was extremely friendly and helpful...

, 7 2018

Excellent trip well maintained ship ship was well staffed and the staff was very attentive during our entire trip

, 7 2018

The overall experience was very good. The clipper was clean and the staff very helpful. It is cashless, so be prepared to use your credit card for all purchases. The only downside was the ac on full blast, making for a chilly ride back. Take a sweater. I recommend an overnight stay, as the one day trip only gave enough time for one or two sights in the city.

, 7 2018

We took the early morning departure on the Victoria Clipper from Seattle to British Columbia and our experience was delightful. The facilities were clean and easily accessible. We paid the upgrade fee for the upper level and found the views were great, the staff professional and friendly. We chose the bus tour that stopped at the Butchart Gardens where we visited for about an hour or so and then came back for plenty of time to walk around town for an up-close look at the historical buildings and waterfront shops. This was an extended journey of our family reunion in Seattle and I highly recommend the trip as a great value for the money too.

, 7 2018

Ferry ride was nice. There are foods in the ferry to purchase. It would be nice to have some hot sadwitches or wraps. We took Butchart Garden tour separately by same company,which is worth going. Overall a very relaxing day trip. Had a perfect weather.

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