ローマ, イタリア

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clock-o3時間 (平均所要時間)
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この3時間の少人数ツアーを通して、古代ローマの歴史を深く掘り下げて知ることができます。 パラティーノの丘の頂上に登ったり、ローマの遺跡を見て回ったりします。 フォロ・ロマーノを散策し、カエサルの墓、堂々とそびえ立つコンスタンティヌスの凱旋門やウェスタ神殿などの有名な観光地を訪れます。コロッセオには、優先入場でき、1階と2階を見学します。ガイドの分かりやすい説明を通して、ローマの歴史について学びます。ツアー定員数が最大15名の少人数ツアーですので、ガイドがきめ細かなサービスをご提供いたします。
  • 古代ローマの観光名所を網羅する3時間ツアー。
  • コロッセオ、フォロ・ロマーノとパラティーノの丘を訪れます。
  • コロッセオでは、優先入場できます。
  • 定員数が最大15名の少人数ツアーですので、ガイドがきめ細かなサービスをご提供いたします。
  • ガイドの説明がはっきり聞こえるヘッドセット。
コロッセオの向かい側にある地下鉄乗り場で、ガイドと少人数ツアーの参加者と会います。ツアー定員数は、最大15名です。少人数ツアーならではのきめ細かな心配りで対応し、暖かい雰囲気の中で ツアーをお楽しみいただけます。古代ローマの重要な観光地を巡る駆け足の旅をスタートします。長い列に並ぶことなく、コロッセオに優先入場できます。 コロッセオの1階と2階を歩き、コロッセオに関する基本的事実を学ぶとともに、隠された真実を知ることができます。ローマ皇帝が兵士たちを非難する時に使った手の合図や剣闘士たちの日々の生活などについて知ることができます。 ローマ帝国の国家の政治と経済の中心地であったフォロ・ロマーノを訪れます。途中で、ウェスタ神殿、カエサルの墓やコンスタンティヌスの凱旋門を通ります。 パラティーノの丘の頂上へ登り、ローマの建国神話に登場する双子の兄弟であるロームルスとレムスの伝説の物語を聞きます。ガイドの説明を通して、かつての偉大なローマ帝国の重要性を深く理解することができます。



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, 10 2018

Fantastic tour guide provided such an in-depth knowledge and history of the landmark, that it reslly made it an experience to remember for life.

, 7 2018

Great tour. The Guide made it really interesting. All the family enjoyed the detail, history and the stories.

, 7 2018

This was an awesome tour and our guide, Davide, was so informative and had a wonderful sense of humor. I was amazed by the history and architecture of the buildings - I highly recommend this tour !!!

, 5 2018

We had an early morning tour which was nice because it was not so hot or crowded. Our guide, Francisco, was beyond amazing - so knowledgeable and explained things so well. I would highly recommend this tour.

, 3 2018

We loved our guide during this tour! Walks of Italy is a great company!! We highly recommend this tour and you get to skip the line which is a huge plus!

, 3 2018

What a wonderful time we had with our guide, Cecilia, explaining the history of Rome, the colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill. Without her thorough explanation, we would have just been looking at bunch of ruins and not knowing the significance of it. There were only 9 of us in our group and Cecilia answered all our questions with kindness and detail. Well worth the money and it is a nice way to spend half a day learning about Roman history!

, 12 2017

nice tour, but I think I would have had just as nice a time exploring it on my own.

, 11 2017
, 10 2017

We had an awesome time exploring ancient Rome with Julia. We learned so much about the architecture, the politics, and the myths surrounding the ancient city, and walked away in awe of what the Romans achieved so very long ago. Julia was entertaining, kept us moving, and really knew what she was a talking about. As a native Roman, she ended the tour giving us a list of things to do next and recommendations for restaurants, attractions, and other sites. We spent another hour or so exploring the forum and Palatine Hill before wandering around to the Circus Maximus and Bocca della Verita - both within easy walking distance. Definitely go in the morning - even in October it was warm by the time we ended the tour, but even more so, the immense space started to feel crowded with people the later in the day we stayed.

, 10 2017

Highly recommend. Our expert guide was highly knowledgeable and passed that information along to us. The underpinnings and organization of the movement of animals, gladiators, citizens, and Senators were noteworthy. This is a must see for architecture and engineering professionals. It's too bad the Colosseum was looted for its iron, bronze, and marble. We really liked how our guide pointed out so many things for us on Palatine Hill and in the Forum area. All lovers of Roman history should take this exceptional tour.

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