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clock-o3時間 30分 (平均所要時間)
comment使用言語: 英語


  • 行列に並ばずに優先入場できる、3時間半のシスティーナ礼拝堂とヴァチカン美術館ツアー
  • 一般公開の前にシスティーナ礼拝堂を訪問します
  • 日中の混雑を避けて、ミケランジェロによる天井と壁のフレスコ画を鑑賞できます
  • 入口の行列を避けてヴァチカン美術館の中へ
  • ガイド付きのツアーで、ラファエロの間、地図のギャラリーなどのハイライトをお楽しみください。
  • サン・ピエトロ寺院を訪問し、ミケランジェロの「ピエタ」などの傑作をご覧ください
  • 6名以下の少人数制




Pinecone Courtyardを散策し、「ヴェルベデーレのアポロ像」、「ラオコーン像」などを見物。大理石製の「アポロニオス・オブ・アセンズの塑像」、16世紀の地図ギャラリー、タペストリーの間、ラファエルの間を鑑賞します。






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, 11 2018

This tour was kind of an obligatory "we're in Rome so let's go see the Vatican' sort of experience. The guide was knowledgeable and friendly and the group was fairly well organized. In the morning when we arrived at the meeting place it was pretty chaotic so give yourself enough time to find the right group. The tour was interesting and the pacing was good- if you want to go see the Vatican I would recommend it.

, 10 2018

Tour group of 6 led by Tania Bonifazi. Tania, a PhD in archeology who worked at the Vatican Museum and the Etruscan Museum, used the right balance of historical information and careful selection to focus our attention throughout the walking tour. Prior to entering the Vatican museum, she gave us a brief history of why and how the Sistine Chapel was painted. We entered the Chapel first and the gallery of maps, before later crowds made it impossible to stop and study the panels. She provided cultural context for each area of the Vatican Museum and Papal quarters we visited. By 10:15 AM the size of the crowds become exhausting, so highly recommend the early morning tour. Worth every penny! Tania was delightful!

, 10 2018

The tour guide Valentina was very knowledgeable and friendly, we definitely would do another tour with her.

, 10 2018

Early is better!!! There was still lots of people early in the morning but not nearly as many as later in the day. Our guide Giulia Pagliari was excellent. She was very knowledgeable, organized and friendly. Our group was small (6 people) and she was always able to get us close to what ever we were looking at. She had great knowledge of the objects we were viewing and enjoyable commentary. A guided tour is the way to go if you’re not knowledgeable able what you’re viewing.

, 9 2018

We have been to the Vatican before with a private tour. But this tour was excellent, We were the only 5,person group going into hallways and seeing the items ourselves. She gave us a tour, which we never had of the Basilica. I would highly recommend this small group tour.

, 8 2018

Guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. Great tour! Would advise early morning due to crowds. Would book again.

, 8 2018

This was so amazing, we walked very quickly to the Sistine chapel and we were maybe 20-30 people maximum in the room, it was such a privilege. I have visited the chapel a few years ago and there were soooo many people and it was so busy you could not really move around in the room. This time, I could see the paintings from all different angle, it was just amazing, worth every penny!

, 7 2018

This was an excellent way to see the Vatican. We had an education on the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo before going in and once in we were able to take our time looking at the awesome room and ceiling. I am happy that we did the early am tour because once the museum opened to the public, the Chapel was packed, we got to take our time. Our tour guide, Andrea, was very knowledgeable, and he enjoyed sharing that with our group. We had a small group which made it much easier to navigate. I would totally recommend this tour when in Rome.

, 6 2018

This has been our favourite tour of our trip. I am not religious, but the tour guide's knowledge of everything was really impressive and I found myself really enjoying it. For somebody who doesn't typically enjoy looking at art, nor am I catholic - I had a great time on this tour.

, 6 2018

I had a relatively poor experience with this tour. Despite meeting at 7:15 and the whole group being present by 7:30, we did not join the line which continued to increase until 8:15. We then toured the Vatican museums for another hour prior to entering the Sistine Chapel with us arriving there at about 9:30. At this point, general admission had proceeded for about a half hour and it was fairly crowded obviating the need to spend the extra expense for an early tour. Our group had more than 6 people in it and the company did not seem to care. Our tour guide seemed frazzled the whole time and did a fair job of explaining. As the St. Peter's Basilica was the last of our stops, she semi-abruptly ended the tour there. I did not seem like our group enjoyed as much as the other reviews on this website.

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