Vatican City, バチカン市

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3時間 30分 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


一般よりも1時間早く始まる、この3時間のバチカン美術館の見学ツアーをお楽しみください。他のビジターが訪れる前に、個別のツアーガイド付きでスティーナ礼拝堂の芸術と建築をゆっくりと鑑賞できます。教会やバチカン市国の歴史についてのガイドを聴きながら、サン・ピエトロ大聖堂へと歩き進みます。 ツアー料金には、入場料とヘッドフォンの使用料が含まれているので、チケットのために行列に並ぶ必要がありません。
  • 一般入場の1時間前にヴァチカン美術館に入場できます
  • システィナ礼拝堂とサン・ピエトロ大聖堂ツアー
  • 小グループなので十分な配慮
  • ヴァチカン市国の歴史について学ぶ
  • ガイドの説明がはっきり聞こえるヘッドセット



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, 1 2019

First, our tour guide, Loretta (The Roman Guy) was amazing! She had great energy for such an early hour and gave us so much good information. She also kept us moving at a good pace but also allowed time for pictures.The Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica were more amazing than I could have imagined!

, 12 2018

What a great experience. Stella was by far the best guide one could ask for. Knowledgeable, courteous and engaging with our group. Please extend our many thanks to Stella!!!!

, 11 2018

Absolutely recommend the before hours. When we were leaving the line to get in had to be about 3 hours long. The day we went was very cold, but we managed to cover all the highlights. Ella (?) our tour guide was excellent. She was a professional archaeologist. Very knowledgeable and managed to get our group around at the best times. This is a must tour.

, 10 2018

So glad we paid extra for skip the line with an early start. Very over populated towards the end however. Our Guide Raf from The Roman Guy was great.

, 9 2018

This early morning experience was well worth getting out off bed agree a long day of travel. We were above to see the museum's, the Sistine chapel and Vatican before the throngs of people arrived. We wetter very lucky to have Elenora, an archaeologist, with a wealth of knowledge who kept us engaged for the entire 4 hours. Loved the excursion!

, 9 2018

This was a good tour and our guide, Ellie was excellent. Things were great in the beginning before the Vatican actually opened to the public because you had enough space to move around and observe things. However, once the Vatican opened to the public it was a mad house. Thank goodness our guide took us to the Sistine Chapel before the public came in so it was not very crowded. Great to really be able to admire and take everything in. When we had to walk back through the outer part of the chapel later in our tour it was filled with people and was so crowded. Because of time constraints we barely had any time to look at things in the Vatican gift shop. We had to ask our guide if we could take a few minutes to look around and be able to buy any presents we wanted, because we would not be able to come back to the gift shop after our tour. The tour ended at St. Peter's which was also beautiful. This was a good way to see the Vatican but you should be aware that there are numerous small group tours about 15 people in each group. All of these groups go in an hour before it opens to the public. So you are not really alone there are many small groups going around during that first hour. I think if I did this again I would do the very private early tour that starts at 6:00 am even though it is extremely expensive. If you can afford it that would be my recommendation. Otherwise this type of tour is the next best thing.

, 9 2018

Si no has ido a la capilla, puede parecer que hay mucha gente al entrar y que el costo es alto. Sin embargo he estado en tres ocasiones y está está opción es la mejor para evitar las multitudes y poder sentarse aunque sea unos minutos

, 9 2018

So it looks chaotic finding our guide was very easy. I apologise I forget her name but she was fantastic. She is a art historian from Italy with very good English. Shoes very knowledgeable, very nice and willing to answer any questions. Had a very good time.

, 9 2018

Overall it was worth it, did not have to wait in a massive line but you still have to wait a bit. Super busy inside, with all the other tour groups, good information given.

, 8 2018

the guide Elaine was excellent. She was knowledgable and interesting and funny. she hit all the highlights and knew all the back stories and was genuinely interested in the art

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