Richmond, Virginia

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Time2時間 (平均所要時間)


2時間の歴史ツアーでクラシックな路面電車に乗って、バージニア州リッチモンドを巡り、街の歴史あるランドマークについて学びましょう。 バージニア州会議事堂やモニュメント・アベニュー、セント・ジョンズ・チャーチといったランドマークを通り過ぎながら、ガイドがアメリカでも最も古い街の1つであるこの街の歴史について解説します。 週末の2つの出発時刻または平日の1つの出発時刻からお選びいただけます。
  • リッチモンドの歴史あるランドマークを巡る路面電車2時間ツアー
  • バージニア州会議事堂やセント・ジョンズ・チャーチを含む歴史あるランドマークをご覧ください
  • 同行ガイドによるライブの解説をお聞きください
  • 毎日催行しております
  • 街の歴史とランドマークの概要について説明を受けましょう
  • 時間に限りのあるお客様にぴったりです



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, 7 2018

I thought this tour was okay. We did a tour in Washington DC that was way more interactive. We only got off the trolley once to take pictures, which was kind of a bummer. There was a lot of time spent talking about the University, which I wasn’t too fond of. Overall, the tour was good. I wish we would of been able to get off more, but the guide was very informative and had really fun trivia about Richmond!

, 3 2018

Covered a lot of Richmond. Emily was our tour guide, Robert was out driver. Wish we could have gotten out at a few more places. Driving down monument circle couldnt see the statues, only saw base of statues.

, 10 2017

the tour was really a nice experience. The negatives: the trolley was really rough riding and noisy. At one traffic light a moped was directly behind us and drowned out the narrator. I guess that if the AC was on and the doors were closed it would have been better.

, 8 2017

Very entertaining ride. The tour guides were great, very knowledgeable and we got a great feel for the city.

, 8 2017

The tour and information was interesting, but why city tours insist on using 80 year old trolleys is a mystery. The trolley is noisy, the tour guide speaks through an amplifier with a single speaker that is too loud for some and not loud enough for others, the seats are hard and small and lack legroom for people of the 21st century and the windows are not made for seeing the sights. Thankfully it was air conditioned.

, 8 2017

This was a sister's weekend getaway and we were looking for convenience. The Trolley Tour pickup and drop-off were right down the street from our hotel! And the tour itself was so enlightening. I am a history buff, but I learned so much more about Richmond......and I thought I was a semi expert having spent so much time there over the years. We plan to do it again with my granddaughter.

, 8 2017

Fantastic guide, wonderful city, very conscious of its rich history. Enjoyed it tremendously.

, 5 2017

I wanted to have a tour of the city that would give me overall sense of which sites I would want to spend my time visiting in depth later. This tour did that for me. It was a nice two-hour ride around town to all of the major neighborhoods. We learned some fun facts about each area that helped us identify where we wanted to concentrate our time later on. The tour guide was knowledgeable and pleasant. We did take a nice 10 minute stretch break about halfway through where we got out at Libby Park and were able to take some photos. If you are looking for a tour that enables you to get out at several sites to walk around or that gives you really in-depth history on each, then this one might not be the tour for you. If you want to get a high-level sampling of what Richmond has to offer, then this is a great starter tour.

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