Reykjavík, アイスランド

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7〜8時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


  • レイキャヴィークからゴールデンサークルへの小グループ制ツアー
  • シンクヴェトリル国立公園など、アイスランドの主要観光名所を1日で回れます
  • アイスランドといえば自然。時間が限られていても、十分満足いただける内容となっております
  • 移動中のお供に、車内Wi-Fiと車内解説あり。
  • 中央レイキャヴィーク内のホテルを対象に送迎サービス付き




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, 1 2019

It was a very nice tour, with wonderful atractions. The bus was a small bus which was awesome. The bus driver was also our tour guide and he gave us a lot of helpful information. We had enough time at the attractions. I totally recommend this tour.

, 1 2019

Driver seemed to be in a hurry to get us back to Reykjavik which kind of ruined the day. Rushed through the national park, Geysir and gulfoss. we could have done with an extra ten minutes at each location . We've come a long way to look at some stunning scenery and it kind of spoilt the day. It wasn't because of the daylight . We made it back to our hotel for 4.15 and we hadn't expected to be back until five or half past. I've done the golden circle before and I felt rushed on this trip. The audio guide was a bit sexist that was used to provide some of the information with our driver adding certain things in and pointing stuff out. Usually as he was overtaking every car on the road.

, 9 2018

This was a wonderful tour. Beautiful sites, a guide who was knowledgeable and a great experience. We enjoyed everything. I wrote about it on my travel blog: Traveling With the SilverFox on Wordpress.

, 6 2018

It was a fairly small group and a comfortable minivan. The driver was also our guide. I thought it would have been better to have a separate driver and a guide so they each could focus on driving and narrating respectively. Nonetheless, the tour took us to main attractions as described. The weather was awful, but every time we got to our destination, it'd clear up and the sun would come out. Very lucky. The sites would have been spectacular in any weather of course, but there is something incredibly special seeing the rainbows glisten in the sunlight. Our lunch stop was at a very touristy place with lots of trinkets and souvenirs. I brought my own healthful lunch and enjoyed it picnic style, getting away from loud tourist crowds. It was lovely. Don't get discouraged if weather forecast for your dates shows unfavourable weather. If one plans his or her trip to Iceland based on weather, he/she will never make it here. Iceland takes unpredictable and ever-changing to a whole new level. Also, Iceland eats umbrellas for breakfast - don't bother.

, 5 2018

Excellent tour. Our guide, Jon, was knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating. We had plenty of time to explore each of the areas we visited, and the scenery on the drives in between was beautiful. Bring rain gear. Even if the day is sunny, you will get soaked by spray from the Gullfoss waterfall if you venture to the further viewing points. Ive never been on a tour with such a diversity of natural wonders. My only caution is to be sure your pick up pint is a tour bus pick up stop, not the city bus stop which are also numbered. Our taxi driver dropped us at the wrong one, but Jon found us anywayapparently it is a common problem.

, 4 2018

Really glad we did the tour with this company Go To Joy Iceland They contacted us day before to arrange pick up and were very efficient. Comfortable mini bus with only 6 on tour. Interesting commentary made journey pass quickly and there was just the right amount of time at each stop. The driver and guide, Makrem, was friendly and thoughtful eg. parking in different car parks to where he dropped us off so we didn't have to retrace our steps and offering to charge phones We took a packed lunch, so didn't use the cafe at geysers- glad we did, as it allowed us to make the most of the spectacular sight here probably our favourite stop. There is a small charge 400 ISK per person at Kerid as there is a private landowner. Enjoyed all the stops on the tour, including the chance to feed the beautiful Icelandic horses.The day was perfect in every way. Thank you!

, 4 2018

Our guide was very informative, advising how to get the best from each of the stops, patient, and considerate. Had a great day.

, 3 2018
, 3 2018

Tour guide very good - took us to extra places that were very interesting.

, 3 2018

We had a great tour. Just 4 of us in the group and got to see some amazing sights. The driver/guide was very friendly and provided some interesting insights into what we were seeing, but also gave us plenty of time to wander and explore ourselves. Highly recommend this Golden Circle tour!

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