プエルトバラータ, メキシコ

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  • プエルト・バジャルタ発日帰り旅行
  • マリエタス諸島
  • カヤック、シュノーケリング、スキューバダイビング
  • ハンドウイルカ、タイセイヨウマダライルカ、ハシナガイルカ
  • クジラ、オニイトマキエイ、熱帯魚、野鳥
  • 専門ガイド
  • 朝食、ランチ、オープンバー





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, 12 2018

We had a great time with an outstanding crew on Boat #1. Pablo was an excellent tour guide and the rest of the crew couldn’t be better.

, 12 2018

This trip was a lot of fun. We had a nice time snorkeling around the Marrietas islands and seeing the birds and natural beauty. The crew was super helpful and fun. The food on board was good and plentiful, and the open bar was a nice feature. We enjoyed the time at the private beach also. We highly recommend this tour.

, 6 2018

It was a beautiful day, if a bit chilly. The water was quite cold, and fortunately my husband and I brought our dive suits so we were fine. They tour line offered dive suits for those that wanted them, which was nice. Water was murky but we knew this since I had dived in Mexico before, so not much to see in terms of fish, etc. The tour required us to wear flotation devices, and weren't happy if we took them off, so no free diving unfortunately, not that we would have seen much. Was fun, though.

, 5 2018

What a fantastic trip! I highly recommend it.

, 3 2018

We arrived early at Vallarta centre had a nice breakfast to start, then was allocated our boat ours was num 4 . Is a was our tour guide we went out yo the island spotted a couple of dolphins no whales. Once we hot thrre we went snorkling , the water was fine, saw lots of colourful fish, you could also do paddle boarding , kayaking rec, we was tired after our snorkling,. Then back on board for light lunch which was very good. Lots of drink. We enjoyed the margaritas. On way to a different island I spotted the tail of a humpback , then it diisappeared for a few minutes then I saw again to the left side , by the time the boat stopped it was away from us but stilll put on a tremendous show in the distance think it was a mother and calf. Amaxing made my year
We hgen went to a different island where we hot off the boat thre was a bananna boat, more jayaks padfle biarfinh. We haf rubbing rings hac an hour at ghis beach,Then back on board for the journey back. Also spotted loads of Manra Rays, The crew entertained us. Fantastic trip really enjoyed. We got 3 more trips booked with this company. Excellent value for money, Thank you.

, 3 2018

My first time in Puerto Vallarta and my first time doing an activity like this and I must say, from someone will really high standards for things, this was fun and my friends and I had a blast. The trip took roughly 5-6 hours but that gave us plenty of time to enjoy the activities at hand and enjoy every moment. Especially, being on the boat with the crew members, who were awesome and very friendly. I came to like them and my friends and I enjoyed their company. Take advantage of this. Make friends out in the sun, on a boat making memories, that is what this trip is about. The best part, in my opinion, is the boat ride itself and just enjoying the company of friends, crew, and strangers. Enjoy it because when I come back, I'll be doing it again.

Know for the private beach you have to swim to the beach which is fun and literally a 20-second swim. Really close
Also, the beach sand is very rough on the feet at water level but regular once out of the water
Know for snorkeling, the water isn't crystal clear but not too hazy were you can't see anything

, 3 2018

This tour was exceptional. Every crew member was fun, positive, professional, thoughtful, and caring. I traveled with another single mom and these guys did every possible thing they could to help us have a safe and exciting time. The weather didn't cooperate, but that didn't slow them down - they brought us blankets to be warm until the sun came out, kept our kids smiling and cheerful, and did the most amazing job. Of all the tours I've been on, this was hands down the very best. I can't thank Benjamin, Donny, Beto and the rest of the crew enough. You guys are amazing!!!

, 3 2018

This tour was amazing!

, 2 2018

This was a great trip. I didn't go snorkeling but my husband did. We saw so many whales on the way and the trip back. It was fantastic. The food was great the guides were entertaining. A big shout out to Allen!!

, 2 2018

This is a tough review to write. First the staff service on board was very good but the weather was less than cooperative thus 1/3 of the people on board were VERY sea sick. The first stop was for snorkeling which was unorganized compared to other snorkeling tours I have been on. The guide jumped in the water and didn't wait for everyone. The water was very rough so you needed a guide to show you the areas otherwise your really would not see much. I didn't see anything and just bobbed around out in the ocean until I got tired and could barely make it back tot he boat. There was no kayaking or other water activities. The lunch was quite good considering on board. The one great thing was that we did get to see whales on our way back. Originally I thought, and so did others who booked the tour, that we would be swimming at the hidden beach at the time I booked this that was the photo that was displayed for the tour. Do not be fooled. You will not see the hidden beach or even hear a story about the hidden beach much to our disappointment. Seeing as many whales as we did on the way back made up for this but we were really excited to see the hidden beach apparently you need to book this 1 month in advance. Also, our tour was nowhere near 7 hours. So unfortunately mother nature made this tour experience not that great for us so the best I can give is a 3.

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