Prague, チェコ共和国

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, 1 2019

This was a great daytrip for us and we enjoyed every second of it, the Guide did go on a little bit to long but he was commenting in two languages so maybe this was to be expected.

, 11 2018

Excellent guided trip of kutna hora, starting off with the drive from Prague it was just over an hour but the guide was very knowledgeable in the history of Prague and the places we visited that day, The bone church is a fascinating sight to see it's eerily creepy but yet so fascinating, overall it's great value for money,

, 11 2018

It was an optional excursion during a cruise. Unfortunately the visit was too short and we felt a bit rushed but we did manage to see the Bone Church and hear about it's history. I would recommend a visit to Kutna Hora.

, 8 2018

This is a one of a kind tour that is a clear study of 13th and 14th century plagues and religious wars. The Bone Church is amazing to see and the City is also very interesting. Great tour. It is a MUST when visiting Prague. Great and knowledgeable guide as well.

, 8 2018

The ride is about an hour out to Kutna Hora.

We first went to the bone church which is a must see. We were there for about 20 minutes.

We then went to the Cathedral and walked through a small town for lunch.

We were on time and tour guide gave us great information along the way.

, 6 2018

Fun filled trip and the chapel is a must-do! It is not as touristy as compared to all the commotion in Prague!!

, 5 2018

The trip was interesting to the bone ossuary but disappointed in the guide as no commentary was given enroute to Kutna Hora. When booking guided tours I expect that the guides are providing commentary on the area, etc but this wasn't the case in Prague on the majority of my tours. The description promised that the stone fountain would be included yet it wasn't so I had to go and find it on my own. In addition the bus broke down on the return forcing us to wait 75 minutes for another bus to pick us up and yet the guide never even reached out to his company to get authorization for some drinks on the house.

, 5 2018
, 4 2018

Booked this tour for my Son and myself before our four day trip to PRague only ten days ago.t was great value for money, and we had all morning to chill out, hAve breakfast and stroll around before our afternoon departure. Lovely modern and clean minibus and our driver, and our guide Marina were polite and professional. Marina was very knowledgeable and spoke PERFECT English.
Nice, patient and helpful lady too.
The Ossary, At Catherine's Cathedral and all of the tour was fascinating, and just an ho r long ride through the Bohemian countryside on a sunny day. Would recommend.

, 4 2018

The trip was very informative and well worth the price. The guide was knowledgable on the area and you felt connected to the history. I would recommend this trip to groups looking for the historical information behind the churches and the city. They do allot for about an hour of free time after the tour concludes before returning to Prague on the shuttle bus. The churches and landscape were absolutely stunning!

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