Prague, チェコ共和国

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10時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語



  • ウィーンからプラハへ手間いらずの送迎
  • チェスキー・クルムロフに立ち寄り、ガイドツアーへ
  • チェスキー・クルムロフでは興味に応じた体験ができます
  • 初めて訪れる方にぴったりの気軽なツアー



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, 5 2018

My wife and I booked this scenic transfer with Viator as we specifically wanted to see Cesky Krumlov and this allowed us to spend nearly 4 hours there without having to backtrack from our destination in Prague. The transfer did not start well. Our planned pickup time was 9:00AM. By 9:10AM no driver and I reached the contact number only to be told our driver was 5 minutes away. At 9:30AM still no driver and with another call, I learned that the driver had hit traffic coming from Prague and thus the delay. The driver finally arrived at 9:50AM and we were on our way. We learned our driver had been working with the tour company for less than weeks and really didn't know that much about the area we were travelling from. An hour into the drive the tire pressure low indicator began to alarm and we pulled off at a roadside stop and our driver George, took a look at the vehicle but found no issues so we continued along. A couple of hours into our trip as we were travelling along a back road, we definitely began hearing noises from the car and George pulled over yet again but after checking the front right wheel found no issues. Less than 100 yards further, i told George to pull the car over and I got out and noted the rear passenger tire was flatter than a pancake. George had no clue how to change a tire and I basically handled the entire change. We were forced to put on a donut tire, which has speed and distance limitations. We still had the better part of 90 minutes to Cesky Krumlov but we finally made it nearly 2 hours after our intended meet with our local guide. Fortunately, she agreed to reschedule and met us at the nearby car-park. This part of the tour was excellent. Our local guide was very knowledgeable and spent a good hour with us sharing local sites and history before allowing us 3 hours of time on our own to experience the village. Cesky Krumlov is a must visit and one of the highlights of our entire visit. Before departing on the tour of the village, I specifically told George, our driver, to contact his business manager and ensure that he get the tire fixed or at least a spare. He agreed, but when he showed up at the appointed pickup time, the donut tire was still on and no spare was obtained. We drove under 80KM an hour for another 3-4 hours getting into Praugue well after our planned arrival time. No compensation was offered by Martin's Transfer Service and I would highly advise not to book with this company. The only reason the review did not receive a 1 star was the exceptional tour guide that we had in Cesky Krumlov.

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