Porto, ポルトガル

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75分 (平均所要時間)


  • ポルト市内のムードあふれる場所での45分間のファドのパフォーマンス
  • 男性と女性がギターの優しい音色に合わせて歌う歌声は、忘れられない思い出となることでしょう。
  • 本物の文化的体験である、このパフォーマンスの合間に、街の象徴であるポートワインをお召し上がりください



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, 9 2018

A lovely tour of the cellars by an engaging and funny girl. She gave enough information in a short time but not overwhelming and answered all questions put to her. Followed by a tasting full servings of a white and tawny port. Both very distinctive but equally as delicious. All this while listening to 2 fado singers and 2 guitarist. They say to hear fado in Coimbra or Lisbon which we did see another show in Lisbon but this show was every bit equal to it and I believe the guitarists here to be amazing. Made our first night in Portugal a delight for things to come. Well worth going.

, 6 2018

The tour was not good. It was brief, part of a large 50 ppl group, no detail to the rich history of port and the winemaking process, felt rushed. That said, the Fado was good-beautiful singer and talented guitar players.

, 8 2017

The cellar tour was interesting, though brief. The Fado show was wonderful. Sitting with a glass of port ,looking out across the river while listening to such emotional songs and music was truly memorable experience.

, 7 2017

Fado goes very well with Calem wine tasting. It is a great choice, I would definitely recommend this especially for the first time visitors.

, 7 2017

Get tickets in advance because this sells out quickly. The Calem Cellars is a biggie when it comes to port wine and this is a popular cave in a convenient and attractive location by the river. The building looked like a newly renovated visitors and wine tasting center, which was very modern and attractive. First there is a tour and a tasting and then the fado performance begins, with a lady then a gentleman performing alone as well as a duet. The two guitarists were equally good and the music was terrific. Compared to the other fado I had been hearing during my trip, this was delightfully more upbeat in rhythm yet conveyed the same sadness and melancholy of the slower fado songs. A nice event. Please note that it wasn't easy getting a taxi back to Porto. The company called twice for a cab, but they never came. I finally tracked down one that was dropping off a passenger, but hailing a free taxi was difficult, so plan accordingly.

, 7 2017

It is a great wine tour and show.

, 11 2016

Great night out had all the flavour of Northern Portugal and it was really good value for money. The Calem cellers are on the other side of the river from the center of Porto, pleasant walk with all the old port transporting boats moored along side the quayside.

, 10 2016

Interesting wine Cellar Trip and great Fado-Show

, 9 2016

Nice wine tour and Fado night!

, 8 2016

The fado show was good - I wouldn't say great. Can get an equitable experience for free tucked away in an alley or train station. The wine was good. The tour, just the right length. Would have been better if you could purchase additional glasses instead of 2 samples for the whole show.

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