Philadelphia, ペンシルベニア州

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, 10 2018

We enjoyed our 2 day hop on hop off bus tour very much. The tour guides Warren and Edgar were great! Very informative and enjoyable. Highly recommend this tour.

, 9 2018

Used the tour service for 2 days. First tour guide was fantastic. So much information. Second day different guide and different attitude. The guy was screaming at people in the streets as we were driving by different sites. Also kept asking those on the tour questions about the tour expecting an answer from someone. When a person got the answer wrong the guy shouted at the person “ you gotta be freaking kidding me “ and gave the answer to the pop quiz. Very cringeworthy!Also tours were not very punctual supposed to be every 20-30 minutes but ended up being 30-40 minutes. Kept asking the reps when the next tour would arrive and was continually told next 2 minutes which ended up be way longer. With today’s technology such as Uber it should not be that hard to have an app that shows real time when the next bus would arrive, this would save you having to stand around for long periods wondering if the next bus will arrive shortly or not. This would help tourists not waste so much time waiting around. Finally when we wanted to get off the bus we headed for the only door that was open and the driver was shouting at us for wanting to use that door. They were expecting us to know how to open the other doors to get off..As if!

, 7 2018

Perfect way to see Philly when you don't have much time to spend! Guides were great and we loved all the options. Spent the first day touring and the second day saw some other stops and Eastern State Pen. Would definitely recommend and book again. Definitely worth the value and an easy way to get around aside from an Uber.

, 1 2018

We had a great time exploring Eastern State Penietentiary and also the ease of using the hop on hop off bus. The bus was great because not only did it get you from one spot to another it also explained the history of the city. We did go to the city on one of the coldest days in winter so bus schedule was on reduced runs, making it a long cold wait if you missed the pick up time at your spot. It was running every 45 minutes to an hour.

, 11 2017

The Eastern State Penitentiary was the highlight of the weekend. What an awesome tour. The city of Philadelphia is a fantastic place to explore. Cannot wait to go back.

, 10 2017

Very good value over two days you can decide where to stop and get back on do choose the trip with the state penitentiary. Very interesting

, 8 2017

Easy to book online and great overview of the city. Got picked within 20 mins of our hotel and brought to stop 1. Used the passes over 2 days.

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