Paris, フランス

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入管の際に館内マップをもらうことを忘れずに。作品は館内782,910 平方フィート (72,735 平方メートル) に渡り展示されています。ルーブル美術館に所蔵されている世界級に有名な絵画と彫刻に加え、数千点もの素晴らしい作品が館内中に散らばっています。




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, 11 2018

Good trip.Fast paper work done by Paris vision agency for skip the line.Its better to take 1pm time ,less crowded.

, 10 2018

I couldnt find booth to collect tickets. It was cold and wet and spent some time trying to find where to collect the tickets, I gave up and just purchased a ticket at the Lourve

, 7 2018

The fast line was only 10 minutes long. Worth every penny! Viatour is a good company. The staff is very pleasant and helpful.

, 7 2018

We bought this ticket assuming that the line at the Louvre was going to be long and that the ticket would save us a couple hours in line. Well, there was no line, and the skip the line ticket actually ended up wasting our time and costing us more money.

We showed our tickets to the security and staff members at the entrance to the Louvre and they informed us to go inside the security check. We then proceeded down the escalators and to the information desk to be informed that we had to go back through security, walk a couple blocks, and pick up our tickets at a different desk. We chose to simply buy single entrance tickets and enter directly into the museum. Google is now smart enough to let you know when a place is super crowded. My advice, get there early (when the museum opens) or check on Google to see if the museum is crowded before heading over.

We also purchased a skip the line ticket for the Uffizi in Florence and it ended up being a pain in the butt. The ticket only worked at a particular time, so we had to wait an hour until the time was right, obtain our tickets, and then wait in a queue that was just as long as the normal entrance queue.

TL;DR - Not worth it. Actually more of an inconvenience than a benefit. Save your money and buy single entry tickets. Viator has some nice tours, but we learned quickly that the skip the line tickets are a waste of money.

, 7 2018

Amo o Louvre. Não precisamos pegar nenhuma fila. Maravilhoso.

, 6 2018

Be aware this deal is not as advertised. We purchased these tickets to skip the line and get into the Louvre only to be turned away and required to purchase a ticket to get in. The Viator ticket was not accepted for entrance into the museum but no where in the fine print was it noted that we had to purchase an additional ticket to get into the museum.

, 5 2018

Skipping the Line is the ONLY option for visiting The Louvre. The crowds are endless and unrelenting even late afternoon/evening on Wednesday when crowds are supposed to be much lighter. To avoid a 2 hour wait on the outside skipping the line just makes sense. The CityVision office to exchange your voucher for tickets is an inconvenient procedure but the office is right next door to the Louvre and is easily identifiable. However, make sure you get there nice and early as long lines can be expected there as well.

, 3 2018
, 3 2018

It really was not that busy but since we were limited with time the tickets were worth it. Location of ticket pick up was very easy to find. Great place

, 3 2018

I recommend purchasing this tickets. Skipping the line is excellent. It was very easy to find the office where tickets were issued. Then going ahead of everybody was priceless!!!! The regular entrance line had hundreds of people and our line had like 20. So instead of spending time on line we went ahead and spent precious time inside of this beautiful gem of a museum. Thanks Viator !!

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