Paris, フランス

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clock-o10時間 (平均所要時間)
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  • パリから出発してジヴェルニーとベルサイユを1日でいっぺんに訪れましょう
  • フランスの首都からの日帰り旅行先として人気の2つの観光地を1日でいっきにまわりましょう
  • ジヴェルニーにあるクロード・モネの家に行きましょう
  • モネの連作のモデルとして有名な睡蓮と庭園を見ましょう
  • 世界一豪華な宮殿の一つであるヴェルサイユ宮殿を見学しましょう
  • ヴェルサイユ宮殿に優先入場できます
  • 鏡の間、マリー・アントワネットの寝室、戴冠の間、庭園などをガイドと巡りましょう
  • 時間が限られている方にぴったりです



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, 10 2018

Goergia was a wonderful tour guide, as well as the young girl from Ukraine. I had a fantastic day. This was one of my favorite day trips.

, 9 2018

Il fait faire ce tour avec Anatol! If you have a day to get out of Paris do this tour! Sure you can do Versailles by train on your own but you dont want to miss Givenny and Monets gardens! Our guide was Anatol and you must ask for him! You will learn more French history than you can imagine and he can answer the questions the majority of your guides cant. He is also increadibly entertaining which helps any history lesson. You will appreciate the fresh air of the county and the beauty of Normandy and see a genuine French village. Bonnne journée!

, 9 2018

Georgia was fabulous as was money houshouse and garden.versailles was too crowded and would have rather spent time in the garden instead of the over crowded and too warm house

, 7 2018

Monet's House and our guide, Georgia were excellent. Guide at Versailles always went to the center of a room so it was hard to take pictures and left us no time to see the gardens. The promised light show did not happen as we had to be back on the bus before dark. Very disappointed in that.

, 7 2018

We were very disappointed in our day trip to Giverny and Versailles. The morning started off good. Our tour guide on the bus to Giverny, Shannon, was very pleasant and informative. When we arrived in Giverny, we knew we'd be on our own. But a little more direction would have been very helpful. We felt we wasted a lot of our limited time trying to figure our where things were and where we needed to go. A simple map would have been very helpful.. Everything went down hill when we arrived at Versailles. Our group was split into two smaller groups. From the start our guide, Natalia, did not seem to be very competent and was not very good at navigating the crowds. In fact we stood outside in the hot sun for over 45 minutes waiting to get in because she seemed unsure how to handle the bottle neck. Please don't advertise this tour as

, 5 2018

The best part of our trip......not to be missed!!!

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