Paris, フランス

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11時間 (平均所要時間)
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パリを出てすぐのところにある川沿いの村、ジヴェルニーは象徴的なフランス人画家クロード・モネが住んでいたところであり、印象派の画家が活動をしていた主な中心地でもありました。この日帰り旅行は他多くのツアーよりも長く探索していただけます。ツアーでは午前中モネの家と庭を巡り、美味しいランチをモネにインスピレーションを受けたLes Nymphéas(睡蓮)レストランでいただき、午後にはジヴェルニー印象派美術館へ向かいます。
  • モネの家と庭園の音声ガイド付きツアー
  • レストラン「睡蓮」での昼食:伝統的フランス料理を試食
  • 印象派美術館で印象派の名作を見ましょう
  • パリからの往復交通手段としてのエアコン付きのバス



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, 9 2018

A wonderful day without rush/stress. The full day is definitely not too long. Plenty of time to enjoy the entire garden and to truly explore the quaint town at your leisure. The lunch and snack were also enjoyable rest stops during the day.

, 7 2018

Love bed, loved Giverny! This was my 2nd time there and I’ll go again someday! The shops a quaint and people are friendly! The reason for my 4 rating is that our guide showed us how to get in , gave us vouchers and left! She did not explain vouchers, nor give us directions back to the bus! My friend and I went WAY out of the way heading back to the bus and had to get a ride from a lot cal!

, 4 2018

This tour was exactly what we wanted. A half day tour to Giverny is too short for us- this tour gave us plenty of time to soak in the atmosphere in Monets Garden without being rushed through.The drive was comfortable and took 1.5 hours arriving by 10am. We were given our vouchers / tickets for the garden, museum, lunch and afternoon tea. The timing of what we did was up to us which suited us as we lingered in the garden and strolled through the house Lunch at Les Nymphias was amazing - 3 course meal and friendly staff. Drinks were extra but very reasonably priced. We then went to the Musée Impressionist which was interesting but small. A stroll through the quaint Main Street was perfect before stopping at Au Coin du Paintre for a coffee and pastry in the garden. It was a very relaxing, comfortable day leaving at 5 pm for the trip back to Paris.

, 4 2018

This is a new full day tour. Most of the other tours offered were half-day options but we decided to do this so that we could spend the whole day in the countryside. The drive was very pleasant and punctual. We were given headsets and earphones for the drive but there was no audio tour provided during the actual visit to Monet's home. This was disappointing. We were expected to tour the house on our own In fact our guide disappeared and we couldn't find her after we were let into the estate. The home is not very large the gardens are scenic, probably more beautiful in the summer when the waterlilies bloom. The lunch at the local bakery was very nice and so was the afternoon break at the artisanal cafe. The host staff were very friendly and kind. We got some nice photos and walked around the small village street. Could easily be a half-day tour.

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