Honolulu, ハワイ島

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Time6時間 (平均所要時間)


パール ハーバーの歴史を深く知り、1941年に日本の攻撃を受けた当時のイメージを膨らませます。この6時間のツアーではホノルル中心部にもお連れし、主要なランドマーク、観光地も見て回ります。ホテルからの送迎でVIPツアーを始めましょう。その後、アリゾナ記念館とミズーリを歩き、パール ハーバーの攻撃のイメージを膨らませます。そして快適な車に戻り、ホノルル中心部に向かいます。カメハメハ大王像やハワイ州会議事堂などの観光地を訪問します。



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, 4 2018

We loved visiting Pearl Harbor but was very disappointed in how the tour itself was handled. We expressly requested the 7:30 pick up to maximize our time at the site since we had a cruise ship sailing later in the afternoon. we called and spoke with Hawaiian limousine directly. We got picked up at 7:30 but then we waited at the port for over an hour to pick up more passengers. We had also requested to add luggage transport and were willing to pay but we were told that no bags at all could be brought. However the entire family picked up at the port had their luggage and it was stored in the van for them. To cap it off..at the end of the day we were rushed off site. I then call Viator to discuss directly with them but no one called me back.. never again Viator..just lost a client who loves to travel.

, 3 2018

Viator/Royal Hawaiian Limousine ran a very smooth operation. We had a good time.

, 10 2017

Disappointed in the pick-up and return process. Significant delays were encountered on both counts which shortened our visit experience. Driver seemed confused at times with technologynew van A/C, smart phone name lists and handing our entry tickets. For the price we paid, we should have had access to the submarine and nearby museum.

, 9 2017

Tour company was great. Driver was courteous, prompt pick up and knowledgeable. Most people got there tickets quickly but those of us also taking the USS Missouri tour had to wait extra time for the driver to purchase the tickets.
I wish we had more time at the Pearl Harbor visitor center before hurrying to catch the return ride. We had to hurry off the Missouri and that left little time to take in the grounds and the shops.

, 9 2017

A MUST see for all visitors to Hawaii - very well and respectfully done - we should never forget!

, 9 2017

expected to see more of the ship. transportation to and from site well handled

, 8 2017

This event was exactly what was expected! VP tickets to see the Arizona, great traveling on the shuttle, great pick up at the airport for our day adventure to Oahu!

, 5 2017

Although we had a rental car, we signed up for this tour because we were not able to get tickets to the Arizona Memorial without going through a tour company. After some on-line searches, we found Viator's alternative to suit our needs and were VERY pleased with the service. We arrived with nearly sufficient time to see the exhibits before viewing the documentary and visiting the memorial. However, we were RUSHED to see the USS Missouri and had to get a rain check to come back and see the Pacific Aviation Museum.

The tour to the Nat'l Punch Bowl Cemetary was ok but it was a drive-by with no time to get out of the van and see the primary monuments. The same is was the case with the downtown tour. There was a lot of pointing and explaining by the driver/guide but NO opportunities to step out of the van and take photos.

The driver/guide was VERY courteous, knowledgable, and helpful and the Mercedes van was very comfortable. If you want to see Pearl Harbar, and especially the Arizona Memorial, this is the best way. If you want to tour the downtown, I suggest another venue.

, 5 2017

The tour was fantastic. The pick up was on time and the drivers were very polite and knowledgeable about the city. Once you receive your tickets, you are on your own and free to go at your own pace. I definitely recommend this trip. From pick up to drop off is about 6hrs.

, 4 2017

The memorials themselves were wonderful. They were touching, educational and really spoke to us as Americans. You could see tears in the eyes of more than one person. Highly recommended for everyone.

This review, however, purely focuses on the package we purchased to tour the memorials. Pickup was on time. Chauffeur did an OK job. Price was very high for just a person to pick us up and dump us off at the memorial, where we pretty much did everything else ourselves. There was no guide, we just took a bus to the Missouri, and then back to the Arizona, and all the time we spent by ourselves. Finally, they just took us back to the hotel. No lunch was included. Take my advice: Take a cab or drive yourself instead and save the money.

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