Honolulu, ハワイ島

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25年以上の経験を持ち、世界各国の旅行者を案内してきたこの現地ツアーオペレーターは、古くから続く名高いイルカツアーを、ハワイ独特の文化を織り込んでお届けします。 このツアーは、イルカやカメが見られるシュノーケリングスポットを訪ねる終日ツアーです。



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, 12 2018

A fantastic well organised snorkel with dolphins and turtles. I would highly recommend the day to anyone coming to Hawaii.

, 11 2017

This adventure was everything we expected and more! The crew was very friendly and entertaining. We even got to see some dolphins while we were in the water which is what my daughter wanted most of all. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a relaxing event while visiting Honolulu Hawaii.

, 11 2017

After bus trip, take boat ride into a bay you can still see the shore. Crew is interested in helping people see Dolphins. Dolphins are in the bay and will swim by but do not always cooperate they zig and zag, so sometimes the folks in the front get a great view and sometimes those in the back get a great view. Be sure to take sea sickness pills because the boat will gently rock. If the weather is nice, they have other activities to enjoy besides snorkleing e.g., kayaks, paddle boards, slide, trampoline. Was not a lot to see on the bay bottom. If you are just there to snorkel, other options are less expensive.

, 11 2017

Unfortunately we didn't get to see Dolphins and only saw 1 turtle, my rating would have been less but the staff and crew were
So great and entertaining that I've given a better star rating.

, 8 2017

The crew were incredibly attentive and helpful. You can tell that they really enjoy their jobs and they are genuinely nice people who are fun to be around. The snorkel gear was excellent and probably the highest quality that we have ever used on a snorkel tour and we were able to see dolphins and a sea turtle in the wild! Highly recommend booking with this group and we had an experience of a lifetime thanks to them!

, 8 2017

Lots of dolphins, only one turtle. Fun and upbeat for geared toward younger generation.

, 7 2017

Our tour was the first of the day. Our reward for getting up sooo early was swimming with half a dozen dolphins! And we were lucky enough to spot a sea turtle as well. This adventure was definitely the high-point of the trip.

, 7 2017

Amazing experience and the crew was very friendly and nice.

, 6 2017

Perfect weather. Hamburger was okay. Saw a dolphin for about 1.5 seconds. Did not see any turtles. The reef is about 30 feet below you. Unless you are dead set on the chance that you might see a dolphin, there are better snorkeling tours out there.

, 2 2017

The only reason I am rating this a 4 is that the inclement weather prevented us from anchering in the area where the turtles were so swimming with turtles did not happen. My daughter and I took the early cruise that allowed our groupto find the dolphins first and be able to be the only group around to swim with them. The crew were a pleasure to be with. They were caring, polite, professinal and well trained especially when help was needed. They were also pretty entertaing and enjoyed what they were doing. I would sugest that warm clothing be brought with you that can be removed. Also bring your own towel.

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