Honolulu, ハワイ島

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, 4 2018

We really enjoyed this tour with Brandon Johnson as our guide. This was an all day tour but we got to cover the entire island and spend time at the stops we wanted to see without ever feeling rushed. It was nice to have someone else do the driving and share their knowledge of the island. Brandon knew the island very well and he took very good care of us, even allowing us a couple of extra stops along the way at the LDS Temple in Laie and the beach at Turtle Bay. He was a lot of fun and an excellent guide. We will definitely recommend this tour to others.

, 3 2018

This was a very nice tour. My husband and I were the only ones with the guide, Brandon Johnson on this tour. We felt VERY special! He lives on the island and is very knowledgeable. My husband and I are senior citizens. He geared the tour to our interests and paced it accordingly. I felt like we saw everything! Our favorites.....beautiful beaches, spectacular venues, surfers, a large turtle resting on the shore of a protected beach, amazing walking paths up steep mountains, parks, banyan trees, beautiful gardens, we sampled locally grown macadamia nuts and coffee varieties, local ice cream, seafood lunch. We spent a very special day with Brandon.

, 1 2018

This small group tour is the best way to see the island and did not disappoint in any way - even when it rained!!! Our tour guides name was Daniel and he was the best tour guide we could've hoped for. A group had cancelled and we had him all to ourselves.
I can highly recommend this tour to everybody.

Read more about Small Group Oahu Circle Island Tour 2018 at: https://www.viator.com/tours/Oahu/Oahu-Circle-Island-Small-Group-Tour/d672-21810P2?pubvcps

, 1 2018

Great way to see the North side of the island and the tour guide was so accommodating and friendly

, 11 2017

I think the tour itself was good but also think most Oahu tours around the island might be close to the same. We saw tour groups at most of the locations we stopped at. We didn't stay long enough at any spot so no need for that swimsuit. As advertised you see the spots listed on the promotional material from Viator other than the shrimp farm. The tour is long but does not allow time to stay in one spot for longer than picture taking. That would be the reason I did not give a higher mark to this tour. It seemed from the beginning it was about taking pictures and buying a video from Daniel. Normally when you are on a tour you can have others in the tour take pictures of you and you would do the same for them. Because he had a charge of 30.00 to take pictures of you with your own camera or 40.00 if he takes pictures with his phone, and 50 for his finished video, it felt wrong to ask others if I should take their picture with their camera or likewise as it would interfere with his sales. This was our last day in Hawaii from a 12 day trip of many tours where on all previous tours we helped each other out in the tour by taking each others pictures. As a result of his picture policy mentioned to us immediately at or first stop we purchased the video. His pictures were taken from his phone so the quality of both was mediocre at best and not worth the 50.

, 10 2017

A fun day with Daniel the Brazilian! This was true to it's advertising small group as it was just the three of us and Daniel!
Picked us up right outside our accommodation on time with a big smile and a cheerful hello.
He took us to all the great lookout spots on the island, and to some of the most beautiful beaches we have ever seen.
He took us to a place with awesome food lots of choices as well and was friendly, helpful and informative the whole way.
The tour took almost the whole day and he let us do everything in our own time with no rush and even offered to take us the long way home to show us a spectacular view which was worth the extra driving time.
The vehicle was clean and comfortable and we would recommend this to anyone wanting a personal Island tour as in our opinion this was much better than in a larger group. Great value for money!

, 6 2017
, 5 2017

The small group tour is the best way to see the island! The smaller the group the easier it is to see things. Our tour guides name was Daniel and he was the best tour guide we could've hoped for. Unfortunately For him but lucky for us, a Group had cancelled and we had him all to ourselves. Daniels pride and knowledge of the island was impressive. We had a very good day and I highly recommend this tour to everybody.

, 1 2017

Very enjoyable. Daniel was a great tour guide and showed us around the island with great ease. Learnt a lot on this tour. Loved the temple and the grounds, very peaceful and beautiful. Our favorite stop. A must see.

, 1 2017

We had an amazing Oahu Circle Island Tour. The small group tour is better than the big bus tours as you can see better locations that big buses cannot stop at. Overall, this tour was the highlight of our trip to Hawaii. The tour guide/Daniel is an excellent guide due to his knowledge of Hawaii and has a pleasant personality, and very accommodating to our needs. We felt we received interesting facts about Hawaii that we would never know if we had not taken this tour.

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