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この現地催行会社は、ホノルル国際空港までの、プロの運転手による新車利用の快適な空港シャトル サービスを提供します。 ハワイでの楽で快適な送迎サービスを余裕を持ってお届けするため、ぜひ事前にご予約下さい。交通渋滞や空港での駐車場探しに悩む必要がなくなります。 手頃な料金設定のこのサービスはオンラインで簡単にご予約いただけます。アロハでもてなす快適なひとときをお楽しみ下さい。



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, 10 2018
, 9 2018

Was very impressed! My flight had been delayed numerous times, until I was put on a direct flight with a different airline. Unfortunately, the phone # listed on my e-ticket was not the correct # and my sister was not able to get in touch with your office. After 5 hrs. of calling and not able to get through, she acquired a different # and was able to update them with the new airline and flight #. Upon arriving early, the person was there waiting for me. Thank you for the great service through this delay and re-scheduling.

, 8 2018

The pick up from the airport was OK. But the return from hotel to the airport was stressful as they pick us up on time, but in a stop the driver had to wait for passengers from another hotel on the way more than 15 minutes! who bokked a pick up 30 minutes later which delayed our arrival to the airport. The driver could not even respond for how long we were going to have to wait! Passengers started to get worried about missing their flights. It was not worth the worry. Their local service over the phone was not the best. They said they did not know if they were going to have pickups available at the time we requested it, and had to call the evening before departure ???

, 4 2018

Service was great. We were met at baggage claim right on time. Our greeter knew that our bags would be on a different carousel than the rest, so we picked them up and were in the van in less than 5 minutes. We picked up 2 other parties, then delivered right to the door of our hotel. Exactly the same on the return trip. We called to confirm a pickup time. The driver was there on time. Picked up 2 other parties then delivered right to the door at the airport. Greeters and drivers were all very professional and pleasant. A nice, reasonably priced, no-stress way to get from airport to hotel and back.

, 3 2018

This our first visit to Hawaii and the US. Could be the weather - the staff where rude and unwelcoming. I would personally give the driver a 4 star he was entertaining and informative and also kinder.

, 3 2018

This was not a pleasant experience. We were picked up at the airport without a problem. We were met at the baggage claim and walked to our van. The van was dirty and had stained seats. We were dropped of at a bus terminal for the Hilton Hawaiian Village, not at our hotel. They took our luggage, but we had to walk to the hotel which was a hike for us.

The real nightmare came on the return trip. We were told to go back to the bus depot to be picked up at 8 PM for our flight. We arranged a golf cart ride to the bus depot through the hotel. We waited until ten after 8 for the ride. We called the provider and they said that a taxi would pick us up. At 20 after 8, the taxi arrived, but we had to roll our bags to the street because a taxi was not all allowed in the bus depot. It turned out that the taxi had been waiting at the front of our hotel. We could have skipped the golf cart ride, the tip to the drive and the total hassle of going to the depot. If the provider had called us and said that a taxi was coming to the hotel, it would have saved us time, money and less stress.

Had I known that this transportation would not drop us directly at the hotel, I would not have booked this. I was trying to make our airport transfer less stressful and easier for us. This did not happen. NOT even close.

, 2 2018

Made travel easy. They were with a sign with my name on it.

, 2 2018

The pickup from the airport was excellent - I came out of arrivals to a very happy looking man holding a sign with my name on it. He took my luggage and placed it with the others while we waited for our van. The driver was extremely friendly and informative on the drive in to Waikiki, pointing out tourist places and providing some information on tipping. I was the last drop off for our group and he went above and beyond and took my suitcase all the way to my hotel reception. This part of the trip was A service.

The airport transfer on the way home on the other hand was terrible. I rang the day before I was due to fly out to confirm my booking - I was advised they didn't have a booking for me but the lady was very friendly and said she would book me in but I would need to pay. I explained I had paid for a round trip and she added me in to the system as having already paid and re-took my details again. Shuttle was due to pick me up at 5:30am and I was told they could be there 15 minutes either side of this time. I made sure I was outside waiting just prior to 5:15am. 5:45am came and no one had arrived, at 5:50am I rang VIP Trans and spoke to an extremely rude lady who didn't want my details, just told me give the driver another 5 minutes. I rang back at 6:00am and said no one had arrived and this was now ridiculous. I provided my details to the same rude lady, who after 3 times of putting me on hold said she was sending me a taxi. The taxi turned up just after 6:15am and took me to the airport.
Not once was I offered an explanation or an apology. I stood outside in the dark by myself for an hour worried I would miss my flight.

Never again will I book something where VIP Trans is the agent or will I recommend them, I will stick with Roberts Hawaii.

, 2 2018

Excellent service. They were waiting for me at the airport when I arrived.

, 2 2018

Easy to and fro the airport shuttle.

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