Nouméa, ニューカレドニア

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clock-o90分 (平均所要時間)
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この90分の少人数ツアーを通して、ニュー カレドニアの首都であるヌメアを知って下さい。ウーアン・トロ、ベ・ド・ランス・ヴァタ、レモン・ベイ、ベ・ド・ロルフェリナとココティエ広場に停車します。ガイドが分かりやすい説明をしながら、ご案内いたします。ホテル送迎が含まれています。
  • ヌメアを巡る1時間半の観光ツアー。
  • エアコン付き観光用車両。
  • 15人以下の少人数グループ。
  • ヌメアの最も重要な観光名所の全ての地点で止まります。
  • 初めて観光に来られた方にパーフェクトなアクティビティ。
ヌメアのお泊りのホテルにお迎えに行きます。ヌメアのオリエンテーション・ツアーが開始します。エアコン付き観光用車両に乗車します。ガイドと一緒に、15人以下の少人数グループで観光します。少人数ツアーにより、きめ細やかなサービスをご提供すると共に、和気あいあいとした雰囲気の中でお楽しみいただけます。 ヌメアのヤシの木が立ち並ぶ海岸線や市内中心部を観光します。市内のフランスのパン屋、地元の市場や植民地時代の住居にて停車します。ココティエ広場、ベ・ド・ロルフェリナ、レモン・ベイとベ・ド・ランス・ヴァタを観光します。ウーアン・トロの展望台で、パノラマビューと写真撮影をお楽しみ下さい。途中で、ニューカレドニアの歴史、文化、芸術や民族についてガイドが楽しくお話しいたします。 この90分ツアーは、ホテルに戻り、終了となります。



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, 1 2018
, 2 2017

The English interpreter assigned to our small tour of four was unfamiliar with Noumea. We were driven to two lookouts and then a market during our tour. While the driver was very friendly and the interpreter was also friendly, he was devoid of information about the history and culture of Noumea. We were not provided with a tour itinerary. There was confusion around collecting other guests so some time was spent driving between hotels. Despite specifically requesting information about local architecture and told we would find out about it on the tour, we were not given any information about historic local buildings. We were also told the penal colony closed about 30 years ago, which from our later trip to the museum gathered is about 100 years out? Disappointing tour considering the cost.

, 1 2017

My daughter and I took this tour the day after our arrival in Noumea. It was the best thing we ever did! the tour guides were very helpful and explained lots of historical and cultural aspects of this city in paradise. English was not a problem for her to speak which was most helpful to my daughter who has scattered French. For me French is not a problem so we were able to have a bit of a melange mixture . We viewed the city from many aspects, from the lookouts to the suburbs, around the bays, and through the centre ville. We shopped at the local markets and we stopped again at a superb boulangerie, and the best ranked chocolatier in Noumea. Upon our return to our hotel we found the time had slipped by very quickly, there was so much to see!! It was an orientation well worth doing! Amazing city, amazing sites, amazingly friendly people, and a perfect tour guide!! Tiffany! shes the best!! We love love Noumea and cant wait to return soon !! Merci a tous! et a toute a l'heure! Cést vraiement un paradis!

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