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  • 都会の喧騒から抜け出して、一日を思い切り楽しみましょう
  • 素晴らしい空からの景色をご堪能ください。
  • 野性動物を間近で観察します
  • 昼食付き
  • 自然な環境で生きる独特の野生生物をご覧ください
  • ご家族全員で楽しめます



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, 3 2018

A really great day with a great guide. The weather was sunny but not too hot. Morning stops at the Wachiratharn Waterfall, the fabulous 'twin pagodas', etc. were really good. Lunch was fine for this type of trip, with a local market nearby. We then had a very special walk for over two hours not hard going through the forest and down to Baan Mae Klang Laung for real coffee with our local guide Bo, who was happy to walk at our pace, explain so may interesting things about the environment and their culture and let us pause at the various waterfalls and scenic views. Highly recommended!

, 2 2018

The local guide on the trek was informative and charming and the driver guide was unintrusive and spoke very good English. A great experience!

, 12 2017

Love that this private tour is not that strenuous trek, it just right, and you get to see the country side and beautiful landscapes. Though in the month of December the rice had been harvested before the winter season. You'll be greeted with amazing and massive waterfalls! So its well worth the trip.

, 12 2017

Of the 15 days I spent in Thailand, this was my favourite. We were picked up from our hotel on time by a guide who spoke very good English. The drive to Doi Inthanon is quite long around an hour and 15 minutes but it was well worth it. The first stop at a waterfall was stunning. We then drove up to the peak of the national park, which was much cooler and actually above cloud level so visibility was minimal. After two further stops we had a very good lunch before being handed over to one of the local tribesmen who guided us on a trek through forestry, waterfalls and plantations for an hour an a half. I took a jump into the bottom of a waterfall but, be warned, it's quite cold!

We finished by sampling some delicious coffee before the drive home and a bit of a sleep on the way.

Highly recommended!

, 6 2017

Great tour I will recommend
Good information
Great sight

, 6 2017

We were picked up and greeted by the tour guide Wot from our hotel. He was knowledgeable and speaks fluent English. The whole experience was excellent as he managed the timing and the sequence of the trip very well. The weather in the mountainous area was unpredictable, on the guide's advice we swap the order of the visited to King and Queen's Pagoda and the visit to the mountain peak, that turned out to be an excellent decision as we enjoyed a time window of clear weather at both locations. It would have been too cloudy and wet if we had stick the original sequence. Lunch was OK, perhaps a bit underwhelming, nothing to shout about.

The trekking after lunch was physically demanding. There was only my son and me, fortunately we are fit enough to keep pace with the local guide, and we completed the trekking in 1.5 hours, instead of the planned 2 hours. I would recommend good covered shoes or trekking boots for this purpose, if possible.

We were rewarded with a good full day of beautiful and breathtaking scenery at the Doi Inthanon National Park and refreshing trekking experience in the jungle.

, 5 2017

Absolutely one of our favorite tours we took in Thailand. We enjoyed the views and nature at the National Park. The trekking was great, enjoyed learning about the Karen Hill Tribe and the different crops that they grow. Also it was wonderful having some of their locally grown Arabica Coffee at the end of the tour. Not to forget the amazing views of the waterfalls and great photo ops!

, 4 2017

One of best tours we have ever taken! Beautiful waterfalls, a break from the heat at top of the mountain, king and queen pagoda, nice lunch and a fun trek down the mountainside in a rainstorm! Our trek guide Dee made us banana leaf umbrellas and we kept on trekking and loved the coffee at the end!

, 4 2017

I love visiting national parks, hiking, learning about different cultures and drinking coffee. This tour accomplished all of this! Our tour guide spoke English extremely well and was very informative. Everything was beautiful. We were really happy of the outcome of this tour.

, 1 2017

This was the highlight of our trip! Our tour guide, May, was absolutely fantastic! The ride was so comfortable, and we were able to stop at the sights for as short or as long as we wanted. The trekking wasn't too difficult, as it was mostly downhill. We got the most amazing waterfall pictures! We also walked through a strawberry farm, and were able to try the fresh berries! It was AMAZING! The twin pagodas were gorgeous, and the final waterfall was also a real treat!!

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