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Time25~30分 (平均所要時間)
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ビッグ・アップルの愛称で親しまれるニューヨークシティを丸ごと楽しめる25分~30分のヘリコプターツアーでニューヨークシティ全体をご覧ください! 自由の女神、グラウンドゼロ、ニューヨーク港などの大人気スポットに加え、セントラルパークやジョージ・ワシントン・ブリッジ、新ヤンキー・スタジアムなどのランドマークを上空からご覧いただけます。グランドアイランド ヘリコプターツアーでニューヨーク5区の迫力満点の眺めをお楽しみください。



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, 9 2018

Quisiera expresarle mis agradecimientos al equipo de viator por esta experienca única e inolvidable de mi vuelo el 19 de Septiembre del 2018. Tanto el soporte del equipo en tierra para la coordinación del vuelo como la predisposición y la posibilidad de experimentar el vuelo desde el asiento del Co-Piloto ha sido realmente una experiencia inolvidable para mi. De vuelta a Chile me sigo recordando de este momento único. Nuevamente gracias a todo el equipo de Viator.

, 8 2018

What an amazing experience with Zip Aviation! We flew all around New York City and got to see things we'd never before seen. Its such an amazing experience seeing the city from that view! I've lived in NYC 12 yrs and I so recommend it for any and all!

, 10 2017

Expérience exceptionnelle , vue de New York impressionnante
Par contre le personnel au sol de lhéliport nous considère juste comme des numéros !!!! heureusement que le vol le mérite

, 9 2017

Great flight around NYC! Professional company looking after your safety whilst friendly informative tour seeing sights from up above. Thankfully it was a good clear day when we took our first helicopter flight. Lovely smooth ride. Make sure you read the small print and take required paperwork. Enjoy!

, 9 2017

A helicopter tour is a great way to see a number of attractions quickly, but I do not think it is an activity that we will do again. There was nothing done in error by the staff, but I think expectations were much higher than reality. Some notes/advice for future guests

- The customer service team is very friendly and accommodating due to rainy weather on our tour date, they quickly rescheduled our tour to the following day.
- The front desk staff are very friendly, and get you suited up quickly and ready to go. Please do your best to arrive early as requested so as to not hold up the entire group. Also know that you cannot take backpacks or purses with you on the helicopter lockers are available to rent at the Helipad so bring some dollar bills.
- To balance the helicopter, my son age 7 had to sit in a middle seat. He told me after the flight that he could barely see out of the windows, so while it was exciting to ride in a helicopter, he saw none of the attractions besides the Statue of Liberty. For him to see the sites was my main reason for booking this activity, so unfortunately this missed the mark.
- I'm not sure that they minded, but a couple in our group got split up he was in the back, she was seated in front. If you want to sit with each other, you may want to request this prior to booking. Also note that you will be grouped with strangers, unless you book the entire flight of six yourself.
- We booked the Grand Island Tour, which while a longer ride, does not include many additional attractions. We got an extended flight over water while listening to background music. I think the mid-tier option may be the best bang for your buck.
- When boarding we were told that we would be able to speak to each other, but the headphones and microphones did not seem to work during our trip.
- I'm not sure if it's normal, but our pilot did not speak to us at all during the tour the only information was provided by the pre-recorded messaging as we passe each attraction. This led to a lot of dead air see note above about the background music. It would have been nice to get some local information or additional commentary during this time.

So overall, there was nothing done wrong, as noted there were just some areas of expectation that fell a little short.

, 6 2017
, 5 2017

Everyone should take this tour! Just when I thought I had seen it all -- after living here for 15 years -- seeing NYC by helicopter was a delightful surprise. The ride was smooth and professional. A little cramped, but you soon forget that once you're treated to the views. Highly recommend!

, 2 2017

We were blessed with a great day of weather, flanked on either side with some pretty awful stuff rain and lots of cloud the day before and 9 inches of snow!! the day after. The trip took us out over the Statue of Liberty, Staten Island, over to Coney Island and then back up the Hudson to the George Washington Bridge and finally back to take off spot right by the Brooklyn Bridge. I was fortunate enough to sit up front with Dave, our pilot, who gave me a lot of detail during the 25 minute flight.
The only element preventing me from giving this trip a five star rating was the customer service at time of booking confirmation. I booked a month beforehand and requested a 1pm-3pm slot, and was told that the exact time would be confirmed at a later date. When I called the booking confirmation number once in New York, the customer service lady told me, in a very matter of fact way, that my allocated slot was 3.30pm. I had already booked an early dinner, so found myself having to rush after this exciting trip. Not the end of the world but some kind of apology might have been nice

, 11 2016

Great tour, really enjoyed it!

, 9 2016

We paid extra as this tour was advertised as including a birds eye view over Central Park as well as the Yankee Stadium. When we boarded the flight, we were told that we could not fly over Manhattan or the East River at all, and, that the Yankee Stadium was temporarily a no fly zone. This was very disappointing especially being taken to see Coney Island instead of the Yankee Stadium. Additionally, the tour did not appear to last the full 25 minutes. I believe this may be due to earlier delays as a result of the presidential embargo and Zip Aviation trying to make up lost time. That being said, it is worth taking a helicopter flight of New York at least once although we would not have paid extra had we known that the views would be so limited.

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