New York, ニューヨーク

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, 10 2018

Born and raised in New York and now frequently visit. Never did the architecture cruise but well worth it! Catch up on the latest developments, enjoy the beauty of the city from an excellent and comfortable boat for viewing!

, 9 2018

Everything about the outing was great! The yacht was comfortable and well appointed. The staff were attentive and cheerful. The speaker was informative and personal. The food was delicious. I would recommend this as a day outing to all.

, 9 2018

There too many people on cruise, they combined 2 cruises and it made it hard to hear the commentator. It would have been better to split the cruise in half and have 2 separate ones rather than over 90 people on one. Also, we should have been told when purchasing tickets that it was not a full cruise that only part would be covered. Some of the most interesting was lacking. It would have made a difference in our purchasing tickets.

, 9 2018

The boat guide, the food and any organization on the boat was Excellent!!!In my opinion, such a your should focus on fewer buildings and hear a but more about each building.It is less interesting whois the architect of each building, whoever does not come from this world will not remember the names, but interesting stories about these building we will remember for ever.It is worthwhile to protect the picture of the building on which you spoke , it will certainly help about what building the guide is talking.Good example is the Architecture tours in Chicago!

, 9 2018

This would have been a wonderful cruise had it not been for the groups of people who came on board for purposes other than enjoying an architecture cruise. One group was there to have a casual business meeting in a pleasant environment and the 10 of them carried on conversations both inside and later outside the cabin for the entire length of the cruise. They were impossible to escape. Another group partied loudly outside and so it was impossible to concentrate on the architect's descriptions or find a quiet spot away from constant gabbing. I asked an employee to remind them to be respectful of paying guests after the docent architect had done so himself. She smiled but did nothing. I spoke to her again at end only to receive another smile. I spoke to the architect and he said that after his first time asking guests to be considerate, it was up to the crew. Such a shame. The experience could have been so enjoyable, but I would not recommend this to anyone who really has an interest in architecture. It is pleasant if you just want to party and see the sights.

, 8 2018

Super highly recommended! The boats are beautiful and super comfortable we went on Manhattan II, but we also saw Manhattan I at the pier and the best part, it was NOT crowded. There's a full bar and light snacks, the crew was great, even bringing drinks while we were outside. The architect who was narrating was very good and you can also hear him while being outside!

, 8 2018

Fabulous very much worth the money - the speaker was wonderful and so were the refreshments. Would recommend it highly.

, 7 2018

We spent a lovely Saturday afternoon on this architectural cruise that went around the entire island and pointed out as many architectural landmarks as our guide could speak in the nearly 3 hr ride as well as a nice look at Ellis Island, the Statute of Liberty, Governors Island, Brooklyn and the Bronx side of the East and Harlem Rivers.

, 7 2018

Wonderful trip from start to finish! Excellent narration and boat was perfect. Staff was friendly and professional. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

, 7 2018

This tour was great! its an excellent way to see the city and learn about its Architectural masterpieces
The AIA guide was very knowledgeable and interesting and staff on the boat were very attentive
Well worth the time and cost

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