New York, ニューヨーク

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Time5時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


  • グラウンド・ゼロと国立9月11日記念館のツアー
  • 旧ワールドトレードセンターがあった場所を散策
  • 悲劇と勇敢な英雄のストーリーを傾聴
  • 出発時間を午前か午後から選択



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, 8 2018

Ryan did a great job, but the tour was not organized in a way to truly allow one to appreciate the 9/11 Museum. There is a timed entry for both the museum and the One World Observatory. There is far more to see in the museum, but once you exit you are not allowed back in. The museum entry was first and the observatory was last. As a result, the experience as a whole was over priced!! A large part of the museum had be just walked through without time to see things in order to get to the next location. No tour is given of the museum as part of this package and little time is available to do those offerings regularly made available to the visitors.

, 7 2018

We enjoyed the tour very much, but consider:
1. More appreciation re St. Paul’s Church - nothing was said about it’s importance post 9-11. 2. No politicizing at all. 3. More instruction regarding the specific elevator times when the tickets are handed out. 4. Wonderful: Oculus and AmEx Memorial; One W

, 3 2018

Out guide Ray was extremely knowledgable and gave fact s of a personal nature the tour was extremely informative and enjoyable a great experience

, 3 2018

I truly enjoyed the tour. A lot to see and hear.

, 3 2018

Ray was a wonderful guide. He took the time to answer every question my children asked. We arrived late and he was very helpful getting us up to the rest of the group. He made our first trip a memorable experience.

, 3 2018

It was a wet and cold day but our guide whose name was Ray kept us spellbound with his stories and first hand experiences.
It was an excellent tour with an excellent guide Ray. Thank you very much Ray.

, 3 2018

So thought provoking and emotional, you must do this trip if you are visiting New York

, 2 2018

The tour guide Dan was great! Yes they give you 2 hours in the museum. However they dont consider the crowd or lines inside the museum and according to viator tours its not their problem but they would be happy to rebook me and I would have to pay!
Unfortunately we didnt see the entire museum which is very upsetting to pay their cost and not able to see the 45 minute audiovisual tour!
Which viator was unaware that they had one! They only knew about the 11 minute show. Obviously they are not updated and was told by John at viator if you read the website it states it only takes 2 hours, that information is from 2015!

, 2 2018

This tour was great our tour guide Mike was excellent and very passionate about the 911 memorial site. I highly recommend it

, 1 2018

This was one of the best tours we have done. The guide had some personal experiences to share from 9-11 and the museum was done very well.
We learned so much about this tragic event and about the hero’s that day many who gave their life saving others.

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