ニューオーリンズ, ルイジアナ州

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  • ルイアームストロング国際空港(MSY)に到着後ダウンタウンニューオーリンズまたはルイジアナ州ケナーの宿泊先までプライベート送迎いたします
  • タクシーやシャトルの長い列に並ぶことなく、お手頃な価格で利用できる空港からの貸し切り送迎
  • 3名様までご乗車になれるセダンか、5名様までご乗車いただけるSUVからお選びください
  • 24時間、年中無休でご利用いただけます
空港でタクシーを探すストレスを避けましょう!プライベート車を事前予約したら、フライトの詳細、お客様グループの人数、ニューオーリンズまたはルイジアナ州ケナーのホテルの詳細をお知らせください。24時間営業しておりますので、ご到着が早朝でも最終便でもお席は確約されます。お客様グループの人数により、セダン、ミニバンあるいはスポーツユーティリティービークルからお選びいただきます。セダンは3名様まで、ミニバンは5名様まで、スポーツユーティリティービークルは5名様までということに基づいて、お客様1名様の料金を表示しています。 ご予約いただいたら、確認書とドライバーの電話番号を記載したバウチャーをお送りいたします。ニューオーリンズのルイアームストロング国際空港(MSY)に到着して荷物を受け取ったら、ドライバーが氏名を記載した紙を掲げて荷物受取所区域でお待ちしております。バウチャーに電話番号が記載されており、さらなるご案内をさせていただけます。快適なプライベート車はすぐにお客様のもとにお迎えに伺い、荷物をお持ちいたします(チップを頂戴できれば幸いです)。次に座席に座って移動をお楽しみください。



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, 9 2018

Good driver, we arrive to our hotel on time.

, 7 2018

If i could give 0 stars i would. We had confirmed days before our journey and everything seemed ok. As our Qantas flight was late into Dallas and we were caught in customs for nearly 2 hours we missed our connecting flight to New Orleans. Upon getting our flight rearranged into New Orleans we contacted the transfer company of the change in time of our arrival and was told we would have to book again at our cost as we didnt give them enough notice. We had called them at the first opportunity we got, the customer service guy was rude and hung up on me when i told him i would not pay again. We paid for another service from the airport and it was an excellent service. Dont waste your time booking transfers, pay for them when you arrive, so easy and so convenient.

, 6 2018

Fabulous!! Drivers were actually early and extremely personable and professional. Would highly recommend!

, 3 2018

Takes all the hassles out of finding your way in a new city. We will not use a shuttle ever again.

, 3 2018

Excellent service !!! Our driver Gary called us when the plane landed and told us that he'd be waiting for us in the area where we pick up our luggage. As soon as we entered that area, he was standing there with our name on a sign. We were lucky to get our luggage quickly. He helped with taking the luggage to his SUV. He was very pleasant as we chatted a bit on the way to our hotel. It was worth the extra money to get the private transfer -- I would definitely recommend this service.

, 3 2018
, 3 2018

The operators are extremely rude and seem very put out with answering questions. The driver was ok, but the whole process of booking is extreme.

, 2 2018

Booking a car service through Viator/TripAdvisor to take me from the airport to my hotel was by far the worst choice I have ever made. I routinely travel around the country and usually either take an Uber or a car service for airport transfers. I had hip replacement surgery seven weeks prior to the conference I was speaking at, so I thought using a car service would be the best choice. I booked the car through Viator since TripAdvisor had such a good reputation. I was using a cane, and while I was able to walk at a fairly normal pace, I definitely was not 100. I came down the escalator and saw the driver holding a card with my last name so I walk towards him and introduced myself. He asked if I had baggage and I explained that in addition to the laptop bag I was carrying, I had two bags that would be coming through the claims area. I started to walk to the carousal and realized he wasnt coming with me. I ended up securing my rolling suitcase and large garment bag, then slung the garment bag and laptop bag over my shoulder. I used the handle to pull the rolling bag with one hand and had my cane in the other. I approached the driver thinking he would offer to help, but he didnt. Instead of going to get the car and pulling it around, he had me walk with him, while I was carrying all my bags, to get to the SUV parked in the parking lot.

We finally started heading toward the hotel and the driver started telling me he would see how close he could get me to the hotel because the parades were blocking traffic. He literally pulled over and dropped me and my bags off on the curb and pointed in a direction and said youll have to find a way to get there. I was just under half a mile away from my hotel, on a cane, with luggage. I tried to walk a little way, but couldnt get far and had to rest in the lobby of a building. I tried to start walking with everything again and on,y got half a block. I went in the lobby of another building and contacted an Uber. The driver picked me up and explained that we had to go a longer way to avoid parade traffic, but it wouldnt be a problem getting to my hotel. The Uber driver was a godsend. Without him, I dont know what I wouldve have done. I spent the first two days of a five-day conference laid up in bed trying to manage pain and reduce swelling.

I have never experienced the lack of professionalism, extremely poor customer service, and complete disregard for safety as I did during the airport transfer I paid Viator for that day. I STRONGLY recommend NOT utilizing this service and warn anyone considering booking with Viator that you could face a similar experience, and possibly put you and your traveling companions in danger.

, 2 2018

The driver met me at baggage claim and was very professional and courteous. Arriving in the middle of the Mardi Gras madness, the trip was very smooth and the routes that were taken by the driver were the fastest and closest routes to my hotel.

, 2 2018

Excellent service provided by driver Pierre in very comfortable vehicle. We have booked to use the service when we leave and highly recommend it to anyone else.

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