ニューオーリンズ, ルイジアナ州

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clock-o2時間 (平均所要時間)


  • ニューオーリンズ近くの湿地帯に現地集合し、エアーボートに乗り込みます。
  • ジャン・ラフィート国立歴史公園・自然保護区近くの湿地帯で、高速でスリリングなエアボートをお楽しみください
  • アリゲーター、カメ、ヘビ、シラサギ、アオサギ、トキなどの野生動物を観察します。
  • 出発は、午前または午後のどちらかをお選びください。エアボートも、小型または大型のどちらかをお選びください。
  • 8名様まで(小型エアボート)、または25名様まで(大型エアボート)の小グループツアーですので、よりインタラクティブな体験が可能です。
季節によっては、岸辺で日光浴をしていたり水中に潜んでいるアリゲーターを見つけることができます。 ご安心ください。沼地では一年中様々な野生生物を見ることができます。カメ、ヘビ、アライグマ、ヌートリアや多様な在来の鳥たち、そして白頭ワシも見られるかもしれません!
エアボート・ツアーは乗船ポイントに戻って終了となります。ケイジャンの町を離れる前に、白いアリゲーターの展示を見に行ったり、エビのポーボーイをテイクアウトしたりしてお楽しみください(自費となります)。その後、運転または送迎車に乗ってニューオーリンズへ戻ります。 ご注意:本ツアーのご精算時にホテル送迎を選択されていない場合は、ホテル送迎は含まれません。ホテル送迎を選択される場合は、ご精算時に"特別リクエスト" 欄にホテルの詳細を明記していただくか、ご予約後に直接現地の催行会社にご連絡ください。



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, 12 2018

This tour is a lot of fun. The guide we had grew up only a few miles from the swamp and was very knowledgeable. He even had a baby alligator with him that we could hold and take pictures. We went in early Dec and saw 6 alligators. Suggestion: Instead of paying for the tour to pick you up, just go rent a car for the day to save money.

, 11 2018

The weather would not let us be great!! We had an excellent guide, Jay, who made sure we had a good time and was very informative. We were on the large boat, but I think you will be able to see more on the smaller boat. I recommend taking the ride in the warmer months so you can see more animals. According to Jay, most animals are trying to find a warm place and don't come out.

, 11 2018

Our swamp was an amazing experience! The guide was very knowledgable and gave lots of great info. We got to handle a baby alligator as well as saw lots of wildlife and plant life. Well worth every penny.

, 11 2018

Took a large boat. The guides really know where to spot gators, even in the cooler months when most are dormant. We still saw 2 gators in cool, November weather. The guides are not only knowledgeable, but very entertaining, especially Captain Cory!

, 10 2018

First time visiting NOLA, we were told this was a must for our ‘to do’ list. We’re glad we did it, an amazing experience!!!

, 10 2018

We booked a small boat and couldn’t have been more excited to do so. Seeing everyone crammed into the large boat made us feel quite fortunate to have such a personal experience. Being a small boat was so much more agile and exciting and up close and personal. We probably saw at least 20 gators and several turtles. We were told that October was about as late as you want to go on this experience since the animals are starting to prep for winter. Overall this is an amazing experience and one that you should not pass up if you have the opportunity and time to do so.

, 10 2018

We had a group of eleven and we all enjoyed the tour. Our guide was entertaining and knowledgable about the area. The swamps were beautiful and we got to see several alligators. Eat before you go as there is really no place to go within walking distance and byob! If you get a Lyft or Uber there the only way back is by taxi, so I would reserve that ahead of time so you're not left waiting for 45min for a ride back like we were.

, 10 2018

We arrived to an albino alligator when checking in, which my girls loved. The captain was amazing and gave not only a tour but education on the geography, history and ecology of the bayou area. It was a short 30-40 minute ride from New Orleans and SO worth the trip!!!

, 10 2018

So much fun!! 100% must do in New Orleans! I would happily go again! We even got to hold baby Al! Would be fab for kids!!

, 9 2018

Absolutely awesome! Guide was knowledgeable and also told us about some local cuisine! Had a blast!!

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