New Delhi, インド

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インドで最高の史跡と建築物をめぐる1日プライベートツアーに参加しましょう。ベテランガイドがニューデリーからアーグラ、ジャイプールへお連れします。アーグラでは世界遺産のタージ マハルを訪れ、その後はジャイプールへ向かいアンベール城を見学し、街で最も素晴らしいスポットのひとつ、ハワ マハルを車窓に眺めます。入場料、ビュッフェランチ、ベテランガイド、ホテルまたは空港からの往復送迎が含まれます。



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, 1 2018

I just want to be very clear. I advise against this tour. ot because it is bad but it is crazy to think that it would be good to see both Agra and Jaipur in one day. Even if you are only one day in India pick either Agra Taj Majal or Jaipur.

Start of the tour is at 4am. It's around 3h drive to Agra on highway. Unfortunatel on this time of the year dec, jan, feb heavy fog is normal in the mornings so at arrival we did not see Taj Majal at all no iconic picture just white building in thick fog with 10m visibility. Nobody told us that and nobody offered switching cities go to Jaipur first and then to Taj Majal for sunset as the fog rise up in early afternoon. Guide there was good and informative but I had a hard time understanding his accent maybe it was my fault.

We left around 9:00am for Jaipur where we arrive around 3:00pm another 6 hours in the car with a 30 minutes lunch break. Unfortunately driver took us to a place where they charged us almost 2000 rupee for modest portion of chicken tandoori with naan and coke and for 2000 rupee one can eat a nice two-course dinner at New Delhi good restaurant. We did not have a choice and I understand that thanks to us, driver ate for free but still...

On arrival in Jaipur we met our guide there Sham and he was a highlight of the trip. Good english, great knowledge and very open to discuss everything we asked. Through heavy traffic to Jaipur we made to the Amber Fort, spend a fantastic 1,5h there and then on the way from the city we have had a short stops for pictures in the Lake Palace and Palace of the Winds. We left Jaipur around 6:00pm.

The traffic back was a nightmare, we arrive at the hotel at midnight. The indian way of driving is not for somebody with weak heart. The driver did everything he could to take us back to Delhi as fast as possible but it involved driving off road, on the grass, between trucks, overtaking from left and right, honking, blinking lights etc. Sometimes while doing it, he spoke on his mobile no hands-free set. Of course I don't blame him. He did wonderful job, everybody in India drive like that, if not for him we would return to the hotel in the morning. I blame his boss who thinks that it is ok to charge so much money for spending 14 hours in the car and 4 hours sightseeing. Not worth it. And I thank God that I have returned alive and well but extremely tired - the driver was very skilled but he worked also from 4am. Not to hard for an accident if you drive so much in one day.

To sum up: please do consider going ONLY to Agra or ONLY to Jaipur. Even if you have just one day and want to make most of it. If you go only to Agra and there will be fog, you will have a chance to explore the city with its beautiful other spots and wait for a fog to rise up. We did not have a chance. If you will go only to Jaipur you will have a chance to really feel that city instead of running around it.

The poor man from the company really did their best even though I was angry with the lunch but their boss should rethink his business concept because it's very poor. Great, you made your money on naive tourist and cheap labours who had to work crazy hard to accommodate this day for us, but man it's not all about that...

, 4 2016

Although we enjoyed this tour and the guides at both Agra and Jaipur were good it was a very busy day. We didn't really see as much in Jaipur as we should have done because of the lack of time and the night drawing in. In you are very short on time as we were I would still recommend this tour, but if you have time do it over 2 days as it would be a much more relaxing trip. We spent hours and hours just driving, or rather our poor driver did. He did a sterling job but he must have been exhausted.

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