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, 12 2018

The day before we were to leave for our Agra trip, another guide told us that it was a waste of time to be picked up from our New Delhi hotel at 2:30 a.m. and be driven to Agra to see the Taj Mahal at dawn. She was very much mistaken. Yes, the trip is 4 hours long, but the driver stops along the way for bathroom breaks, as needed. The time passed quickly. If you think you might get hungry, bringing a snack is a good idea, because you will not have breakfast until after you have seen the Taj Mahal. When we got to Agra, we met our guide who greeted us and gave us an overview of what we might expect. He was very personable and knowledgeable. When we finally came upon the Taj Mahal, the three of us stopped in our tracks. It is an astounding sight/site. Although it was a little foggy, we were able to watch, as the sun came up, the change in hew of this magnificent place. Upon the first light of day, we see the Taj as perfectly white. As time went on, though, the Taj took on the white of the Taj Mahal. As the dawn progressed, we saw the subtle changes in color. Our guide filled us in on the history, and then left us alone for a little over an hour so that we could take it all in, and that we did.When we returned to our guide, he and our driver took us to breakfast, which was quite good. The guid left us alone until we had finished eating. Everything about our tour was perfect. Our driver, was Vishan Sharma, and he was really excellent. He drove well, was accommodating, and interesting. We were extremely pleased with the whole trip. One thing you should know. It seems that the guides partner with some shops in order to bring customers into shops. This was annoying and I ended up going to see how rugs were made. That was my own fault. I had no interest in rugs, I should have said at the outset that we were not interested in crafts. I have done that with other guides and they back off immediately. Just say “No, thanks,” if you are not interested.

, 10 2018

We thoroughly enjoyed our sunrise tour of the Taj Mahal with our guide, Rajesh. He was very knowledgable and helped us navigate to get the best photos for our group of 5 women. The breakfast at the hotel was decent and the tour of Agra involved shopping at two shops. We would all highly recommend this tour through Viator.

, 10 2018

My wife and I went on the day-long Agra tour and it was excellent. We had a wonderful time. The driver Mr. Prem was very helpful and picked us at our hotel on time at 2:15 am. We had a good drive takes 3 hours one way to Agra and back, and to places within Agra. Prem explained various places of interest along the way. We met the guide Mr. Rajesh in Agra and proceeded to the Taj Mahal. At the Taj, from the location where the taxis drop visitors, there is a 1000 meter walk to the entrance to the complex. We took an electric rickshaw for Rs 50 for the 1000 meters. Once inside the complex and in view of the monument, Rajesh provided us with an excellent description of the history of the Mughal emperors and the materials, construction and craftsmanship of the Taj Mahal. He also described the surrounding monuments. The Taj Mahal itself is a magnificent structure, something unearthly in its beauty even after so many centuries of its construction. None of the photos we had seen earlier prepared us for the sight and beauty of the actual structure. We were able to take our own photos and also availed the services of a professional photographer at the site. The photographer took his photos as we walked up to the Taj Mahal and we continued with our sightseeing after that. We saw the monument in detail and had enough time to spend at the Taj. We saw the Yamuna River from the Taj and the Agra Fort in the distance, where the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan who built the Taj, spent the last 7 years of his life imprisoned by his son Aurangzeb. We collected our photos taken by the professional photographer before we left.

We then went to the Trident, where the breakfast buffet was delicious. The next stop was at a tapestry store, where we saw a demonstration of fine weaving and many examples of completed tapestries. We proceeded to the Agra Fort and Mr. Rajesh described its history and pointed out several unique features of the fort, including the sound/echo effects and ventilation. We saw the bedroom of Shah Jahan, from where he had a view of the Taj Mahal in his final years.

Lastly, we visited an art store where there was a demonstration of how the colored patterns are imprinted on marble surfaces. The store had a good collection of completed marble works. Thanks to both Mr. Rajesh and Mr. Prem, we had a great trip. Their English was clear and easy to understand. They took good care of us during the entire trip. I highly recommend this trip to anyone interested in visiting Agra. Wish you safe and happy travels!

, 9 2018

Our tour guide Mamesh was very knowledgeable and helped us take a lot of great pictures. He also knew a lot of interesting facts about each of the the Taj and Agra Fort.

Our driver Prem was also great. I highly recommend the sunrise tour

, 9 2018

We liked this trip very much. We were picked up later than normal because of a late airplane, but the company was very flexible and adjusted the schedule and we were also dropped off later such that the entire program did not suffer from it. That meant that we arrived at the Taj later than sunrise but we didn't care because it was cloudy anyway. Our driver Ravi was very kind and knowledgeable, showed us a few interesting monuments on the way back, and drove very safely. Our guide Raj was very experienced, knew the answers to all of our questions and took us to an extra temple in Agra because we showed interest. This is a highly recommended tour!

, 9 2018

Excellent tour. Friendly driver and knowledgeable guide.

, 8 2018

One of the best tours I have been on. Everything that was stated on the website was according to plan. Our driver arrived at our hotel 15 minutes early and once we were in the car we were on our way.

Once we arrived in Agra we were greeted by Shubham. Shubham is such a warm personality along with being a highly motivated and intelligent guide. I truly enjoyed walking through the Taj and listening to him and his knowledge of the area. The atmosphere at the Taj Mahal is so special that it is really hard to describe without experiencing itwhich if you have a chance you must!. Once we were done with the Taj Mahal we had an excellent breakfast, took in some local shopping and Shubham, once again, lent his expertise for our tour of the Agra Fort.

All respect for Shubham and crew who do a great job, a true sample of an excellent tour guide!

, 8 2018

Good to see the taj mahal. Nice driver Manik and guide Rajni

, 8 2018

In India for work and wanted to take in as many sights as I could so decided to find a quick tour that would let me see the must see in India, the Taj. This tour was appealing because it both fit my schedule and offered a unique experience. The main contact, Raj, responded promptly to my messages and arranged everything for my convenience. The car arrived on time at my hotel and the driver, Deepak, was friendly and professional. My guide, Raj, was very knowledgeable and explained things clearly, answered my questions and offered suggestions for photo opportunities. The only negative for me was that I didn't know we would be visiting artisan shops for shopping opportunities I had already purchased all my souvenirs and had to turn down some very unique items. Overall a fantastic experience and well worth the early wake up.

, 8 2018

Great tour! Raj was great about texting me confirmation and pickup details. I arrived in the hotel lobby a little early and Prem my driver was already there waiting for me. Was so nice getting there early and not having traffic to get out of Delhi and big crowds once there. Raki my guide took really great pictures with my phone and knew all the great spots and angles. He was very knowledgeable taking me thru the history and details and then left me some time on my own which was nice. Prem was always available to take us to the next spot as soon as we were ready and I felt very safe with him driving thru all the madness. Agra Fort really interesting but really hot so didnt spend too much time there. Visiting the handicraft locations was great to see and I enjoyed learning the process. I didnt love that they try very hard to sell you something, but understand why they do and they were gracious if I declined.

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