ナッソー, バハマ

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Time3時間 30分 (平均所要時間)


半日バスツアーで、ナッソーの島の歴史と食を体験してください。昔ながらの料理を味見しながら、バハマの伝統的な食と飲み物に親しみましょう。 地元のビール、ブッシュティーを飲み、ケーキ工房、歴史博物館、古代の砦を訪ねます。地元レストランのバハマスタイルの昼食で締めくくりましょう。
  • ナッソーの歴史と食の伝統をじっくり探求しましょう
  • 歴史ツアーの合間に試食、試飲スポットに立ち寄ります
  • 初めて訪れる方にぴったりのツアーです
  • 真のバハマスタイルの昼食が含まれています



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, 7 2018

This tour was awesome. I can't understand the expectations of anyone who rates this tour anything other than 5 star. Dwight was our guide and he was great! From the moment they picked us up in their new clean air conditioned van we had a blast. For some good food, culture and history I would highly recommend this tour and this group led by Dwight.

, 4 2018

Our tour guide was 45 minutes late but she kept in contact with us so I do not feel this effected our experience. The stop at the fish market where Daniel made conch salad was very entertaining and fun. Four in the group have a shell fish allergy and they were very careful not to cross contaminate.

When we went to the tea place she was very knowledgeable about what each tea was good for health issues but we felt like making sales were their main mission. The samples were very small and we were crowded in a room. Would have been nice to have bigger samples while she explains the teas and then made the offer if we wanted to purchase.

The rum cake place was also small and crowded and the samples were very small. No explanation of how they are made or any history of the cakes.

We were back to the fish market for lunch which was delicious but the dessert was conch fritters and there was no substitute for our shell fish allergy. We asked if we could get an extra piece of fish and he looked at us like we were crazy.

We loved the fort and our guide there was very knowledgeable.

Our tour guide for the food and history was great at giving us lots of history. We all felt there could have been more food on the tour.

, 4 2018

I can't say enough about the great service from Antonia and the staff on the tour. We had a small van driven by Antonia for my family of four. They communicated well before the tour and regarding pick up times. During the tour, with one other van, we stopped for Conch Salad, local natural medicines, rum cakes, a fort and a beachside lunch.

What made the tour really exceptional was Antonia sharing the history, culture and daily life of the island as we toured between stops. She was really knowledgeable and provided outstanding customer service.

I would recommend this tour for any first time visitor to the island it is a great way to get your bearings both geographically and culturally. It is also a great tour for those who visit often and want to have a relaxed day with deep local connections.

, 3 2018

Best Tour we ever took. No disappointments.

, 2 2018

This was the best tour -- from beginning to end. My family of four adults had our own mini van and tour guide, the owner Antonia. She made sure we knew all about the island and took us to make conch salad with a real pro. The local beer was wonderful too!. With Antonia and Dwight we visited Fort Charlotte, had the coconut drink, went to the rum cake factory, and the tea company. Here we learned all about the best teas and cures for our health issues!! Sandy knew all about the native plants and their purposes. Our tour ended with a sit down dinner where we sampled all kinds of native dishes. No one was hungry after this tour!!! Oh -- they picked us up on the dock where our ship docked and took us back -- door to door service on the entire trip!!! This tour is a MUST DO!!!

, 12 2017

Dwight and Sandi were excellent! We not only got to try a lot of delicious food, conch salad, sky juice, kalik beer, rum cake, island teas and rice and peas. We learned a lot about Nassau and over the hill. This is an extremely intimate experience and is always a small tour but I had a wonderful time and would do it again!

, 12 2017

I have taken 7 cruises, and thus many, many excursions, and this tour ranks right up there in the top 3 of all time. Dwight and two very nice ladies took wonderful care of us, as we were able to not only hear a bit of Nassau history from locals, but also sample food and drink from off-the-wall spots that most visitors would never find.

The highlight spot of our entire cruise was a little shack under the bridge where a very talented native prepared an extremely fresh conch salad right in front of our eyes, with conch that we personally pulled from the shells. Not only entertaining, but quite delicious, and I never dreamed I would enjoy the taste of conch........fresh is everything, according to Dwight.

I could say much more, but just let me summarize by saying this was the best value for the money of any excursion I have ever taken, and I could not have been more pleased with our guides.

Thanks again,
Paul and Lisa Riggs

, 11 2017

This may have been the best tour I have ever been on. We had 2 tour gusides for our family of 3. The Queen of Conch made us a great Conch salad. We also stopped to taste sky mil, bahama mams and a couple other drinks before going on to see the Rum cakes . We did all this before they took us to lunch. It was a full 3 hours. We had a great time. Well worth it!

, 10 2017

This is the best tour you can take - you will see parts of the island no one else will see. You will hear stories and history that is just amazing. It's worth every penny - you won't be disappointed!

, 10 2017

The trip didn't happen. The tourist information rang the number on the voucher numerous times during the day and could not get an answer from the operator it is a very expensive tour compared with what is on offer when the ship docked. We ended up doing a tour of Nassau which cost us 30 US. Very disappointing that we didn't get to do the tour we booked.

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