Nashville, テネシー州

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2時間 30分 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


  • ハッシュビルのバーライフをガイドのお得な情報つきでお楽しみいただけます
  • ゲーム、スペシャルドリンクが選べるオプションつきの楽しいウォーキングツアー
  • ナッシュビルの歴史や重要人物について楽しい雰囲気の中学ぶことができます
  • 2番街国立登録歴史地区を散策




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, 9 2018

From the moment Alex introduced himself, we knew we were in for a whole lot of fun. He told us that we would make friends with people in our group and true to his word, we were exchanging e-mails and numbers. We had people of all different ages. What a FUN afternoon! Alex was THE BEST guide!! We had so much fun and plan to do this again next time in Nashville. Our first time at a Pub Crawl and it was definitely a highlight to our trip!!!

, 9 2018

Just so much fun and the history stories added to the experience. No matter what your age, don't leave home without your I.D.

, 7 2018

From our first encounter with the tour leader/understand she is the owner it was a blast. Meeting new and interesting friends. Everyone geared up for a good time. I would say this was our best experience of our time in Nashville and a real bargain!! Every bar we visited had great entertainment, sing along and dancing up a storm! We even considered doing the crawl a second time but our time ran out.

, 4 2018

the guides were great, but we only went to three places. The start was fun, but seemed to go down hill after that.

, 3 2018

A Fun Night: this tour was a ton of fun. Went to 5 different bars, played trivia games, learned some very interesting tidbits about the history of Nashville and got to listen to some amazing music. Our guide ( the owner) was outstanding. One note is that the price does not include drinks.

, 3 2018

We met up with Marlena and it was all fun from then on -great group of people very informative ,fun, trivia games and we ended up at the wild beaver where Mariana sang for us after much begging on our partnever forget our great pub tour in Nashville ...thank you Marie wild

, 2 2018

This pub crawl was so much fun - fun info about the city, trivia questions, and prizes. I think the group of people you're with can make or break, but we had a great group and a blast. I would suggest going to a few more places, but what fun!

, 2 2018

24 of us on the oub crawl , lots of couples, everyone very friendly and fun, 8 would recommend this, good wat to meet and have a fun time

, 1 2018

Our tour guide made this a great adventure. We went to some fun pubs, learned some Nashvile history and through some trivia games, got to know others on the tour. I think its safe to say everyone had a blast, given that most of us and we spanned all ages stayed on at that the last stop because we were having such a good time.

, 12 2017

Host was great, group were good but does become a very expensive night as you pay for all drinks. There are certain specials but you may be paying $15-$20 a drink per bar if you don’t stick to these

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