Nagoya, 日本

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clock-o6時間 30分 (平均所要時間)
comment使用言語: 英語


この名古屋のプライベートな徒歩ツアーで、侍文化の歴史に浸りきりましょう。現代的な栄地区や大須観音、そして名古屋城などの観光名所を、あなたとお連れの方だけのための専用ガイド付きで遊覧することができます。 それぞれの参加者の方に合わせたガイドの心配りが可能で、ご自分のペースで歩くことができ、さらに十分に質問できる時間のあるツアーでお楽しみください。すべての入場料が含まれています。
  • 徒歩で名古屋を探索し、有名な観光名所をすべてチェック
  • 名古屋が初めての方にぴったりな初心者向けツアー
  • 名古屋の侍の歴史に関する詳しい解説付き
  • それぞれの参加者に合わせた心配りや調整可能な旅行プランは、プライベートツアーならではです。
  • すべての入場料込み



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, 10 2018

This was a nice way to visit Nagoya in one day. The guide Takako Tsujimoto was a perfect guide for our little groupe. Thank you Takako!

, 3 2018

I chose this particular tour after reading several comments by prior tourists. I can't speak highly enough of this experience. It's not just that my helpful guide, Hiroshi, took me to some fascinating places e.g., Nagoya Castle, Buddhist temple, but that he also provided ample, informative explanations of everything we saw. I do tend to ask a lot of questions, and Hiroshi had insightful answers for all of them, so I came away learning a lot--some of which I hope to remember!

I would unquestionably recommend this tour--and this guide--to any novice visiting the area.

, 3 2018

This private tour is totally recommended if you want to get to the Nagoya's heart. Our Guide Mr. Hiroshi is amazing! He is very bright and friendly and he also very helpful. Since my mother had difficulties with her legs, he helped us get to the elevator whenever we took the subway and he also slowed down the pace so my mother can take a rest. He also gave us hot packs since we're traveling in winter as complimentary :! He told us the interesting histories about Nagoya Castle and we had so much fun exploring Nagoya city Although we had to ended it earlier because my mother's health issue. He took us to Sushi restaurant in Sakae because my mother and i wanted to eat sushi and the restaurant he recommended tasted just perfect! it is not actually on the list of the tour but he helped me find the store that sell Ghibli studio's merchandises and told us that he will try his best helping us finding stores we want to visit. The tour ended in the osu district where there is an interesting shrine and the shopping street that looks like Teramachi street in Kyoto. Sadly we couldn't really explore the shopping street because my mom's health went bad so we just went halfway and asked Mr. Hiroshi to take us back to the train station. He helped us stop our taxi and took us to the station and he also helped us carrying our luggage till we get into the shinkansen station. This tour is very recommended to those who likes exploring the city leisurely without being rushed to. Plus you can spend a lot of times in each destination which is very interesting!

, 9 2017

Keiko was a fabulous guide. Her command of English is excellent. She was very energetic and knew lots to tell us about each place we went. Her program for the day was quite energetic. Never did she rush us at any spot. We chose to do lots of walking instead of using the subway so we could see more of Nagoya. She took pictures for us at each place we went and then sent some pictures that she had taken to us later in the evening. Our lunch was in a delicious Japanese restaurant. She helped us order from the menu. Her pre-tour emails were also very helpful in knowing exactly what she had planned for us during our tour. We had a wonderful day with her.

, 7 2017
Informative, but relaxed. Highly Recommended!

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