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ミュンヘン発日帰りプライベート王城ツアー。バイエルン国王ルートヴィヒ2世が建設した2つの城を見学。バイエルン州フュッセンの山麓の丘へ逃避行。ノイシュヴァンシュタイン城を見学。ディズニー映画「眠れる森の美女」のモデルになりました。 優先入場で人気おとぎの国のウォーキングツアーをエンジョイ。さらに、ホーエンシュヴァンガウ城も見学。ルートヴィヒ2世が幼少の頃住んでいました。そのあとは、ホーエンシュヴァンガウの美しいアルプ湖の湖畔を散策、あるいは近くのリンダーホーフ城を見学します。ヴェルサイユ宮殿をモデルにした城です。ホテル送迎およびすべての城の入場料込み。
  • ミュンヘン発、ノイシュヴァンシュタイン城およびホーエンシュバンガウ城プライベート1日ツアー
  • ルートヴィヒ二世とその皇族が過ごした数々の部屋を見学します
  • バイエルンの宮殿とアルプス地方の息をのむ光景を満喫いただけます
  • アルプ湖の湖畔を散策するか、リンダーホーフ城を訪れます
  • ベテランガイドの案内に、興味をそそられることでしょう
  • プライベートツアーの旅程は、ご希望により変更できます







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, 9 2018

Do not take this tour-it is mislabeled as it is not private nor guided. Our driver picked us up at 9AM and then did not say one word for the entire two hour drive out to the castles. We did not get any information about the countryside we were seeing or any comments until we arrived. He then showed us where the restroom was located and went to get our tickets for entry. He gave us the tickets and left us on our own until we were to meet him at 4:45 for the return trip. We were lost trying to find our way up to the castle whereas he could have easily stayed with us and guided the way. One then has to make the way back down, buy a bus ticket and then be bussed up to the second castle. Again, no guide was with us. When we met up with him at his appointed time, he again offered no comments on the entire drive back. He was an excellent driver but was not a guide.

, 2 2018

This tour was amazing and made even better by Lars! He was friendly yet professional and shared his enviably knowledge of not only the castles but Munich with us. Nothing was too much trouble and he went out of his way to ensure we had the best time, including lending us gloves! Highly recommended.

, 8 2017

Our driver drove us to Neuschwanstein, and on our way we stopped close to a lake to get out and stretch. It was described in the website that there would be PRIVATE tours of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles, but instead we had to wait in lines to enter with group tours. Also, we never got to do a 90 minute stroll around the scenic Lake Alpsee.

Our driver was cordial and nice, but he didn't tell us very much about the history and of the people around the areas, and of the castles.

, 8 2017

Excellent trip to the Royal Castles. We had a private car and driver. He picked us up at our hotel in Munich, gave a wonderful tour en route to the castles, qued up to retrieve our tickets and advised us of the best way to see both castles. My husband and I are active so we decided to walk to each. The walking is definitely not for everyone. The tours were satisfactory, as tours go. The castles are amazing...Neuschwanstein is definitely something to see. You do not see the entire castle. Only a few of the rooms as it was never fully completed. A must is to hike up the hill to the trestle bridge and view Neuschwanstein Castle from the bridge. It's amazing. After both castle tours our driver met us at the designated location and we headed back to Munich. A different route home which was very informative as well.

, 7 2017

Most of the day did not go as planned or described, but overall it was fun.

There is a lot more walking (up and down the hill) than was described, but the castles are worth it!

Our guide was great in getting our tickets for us and we did not have to stand in line.

, 7 2016

For the price charged, the value was not there. Driver was good but arrived late 10-15 minutes. We were able to visit and tour both Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein, but no other location, which was disappointing. We were also disappointed that the Marienbrucke was closed for repairs.

, 7 2016

Great tour! Our driver was wonderful and stopped on the way to the castles at an old beautiful church so we could look around. He also gave us tips for other places to go and some local wine selections. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because my father had some trouble with all of the steps and couldn't go into either castle. There was no mention anywhere that it wasn't recommended for people with walking issues. Even with taking the carriage there is a lot of uphill walking and many steps. The Hohenschwangau castle was something that we could have missed, but they are practically right next to each other. If you are worried about the walking I would recommend missing Hohenschwangau and saving your energy for Neuschwantein. It was beautiful!

, 6 2016

Driver was excellent. Only downsides were that we had hours to kill before the tours began and the tours guided by castle staff were too short and did not meet anticipated expectations.

, 4 2016

The driver and car was good for this private tour, but I would not use it again. I originally thought there would be some private tour of the castles but this is essentially just a car and driver for the day plus help in getting the tickets which would be valuable during peak periods. It is easy to drive and park at the castle yourself.

, 9 2015

While you have to brave the crowds in summer - totally worth it.

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