Dubrovnik, クロアチア

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clock-o10時間 (平均所要時間)
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ボスニア・ヘルツェゴビナの美しい景色と歴史的なモニュメントを見て、モルタルとクラヴィツァ滝の訪問を含む、この10時間のツアークロアチアの国境を越えて、これらの80フィート(25メートル)の滝の素晴らしさを賞賛してくださいモルタルに向かって、旧市街をガイド付きのウォーキングツアーで、有名な「スタリ・モスト」(橋)などを見る 街で最も来場者が多いミュージアムである、モルタルのトルコ家に無料で入れる入場チケットがお客様への超過価値です
  • ドゥブロブニクからスタートする日帰りツアーで、クラビツァの滝と歴史あるモスタル地区を散策しましょう。
  • 巨大なクラヴィツァの滝に感動
  • モスタルの旧市街の歴史的な通りを歩きます。
  • 「スタリ・モスト」と呼ばれる橋の風景やモスタルのモスクを見学しましょう。
  • ドゥブロヴニクからのホテル送迎が含まれます。
  • クロアチアを訪れつつ、ボスニアヘルツェゴビナの最高の景色を見るのに良い方法です。



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, 10 2018

The trip was just as described in the description. I really would recommend this trip to anyone. It was well worth it and the amount of time we had at each stop was enough and well thought through. During the drives, our tour guide also gave us some historical insight about certain landmarks, Islands, towns, etc. On our return, there was complications beyond our control at the borders so we got back to our hotel at like 19:30 but that was totally fine as we had no other plans for the day. I fully enjoyed it .

, 10 2018

Positives: beautiful falls at Kravice, quaint old town in Mostar, explanation of attractions and life in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina post war by the tour guide on the bus (Nikolina), efficient (fast) bus rideNegatives: why charge extra for the falls when this is a tour to the falls? Mostar guided tour was probably not necessary as it gave very little time to explore the market and not enough time to do the walk at the falls.

, 10 2018

Pick up from hotel on time in a comfortable airconed Mercedes van. Guide was informative. A brief comfort stop at Neum, and then first proper stop at Kravice Waterfalls. We were there for a bout 45 mins - it takes about 20 mins to walk up and down to the falls, so it would be a stretch to have time to swim I think. It was overcast when we went so just had a walk around and paid 10 for 2 of us to be paddled around in a punt around the lake. Mostar was very overcrowded - I think it is becoming a victim of its own popularity and is invaded by tourists every day from March to October - but still an amazing place to visit and the local guide was very good. We went to Restaurant Tima Irma just near the bridge on the church side on the back of another reviewer's recommendation and it was great. An enjoyable day, but somewhat marred by the American couple sitting behind us who thought it would be a good idea to bring a screaming 2 year old on a 10 hour cultural coach trip. The tour operator Dubrovnik doo really should impose a minimum age limit as the tour was totally unsuitable for an infant - and unpleasant for the rest of us who had to put up with the screaming.

, 10 2018

It was a long trip to and from Mostar for the day, but an interesting one. The good restaurants book up quickly for lunch, so try to eat early. The mosques were interesting to visit. The Turkish house was a bit crowded, so we did not see the whole thing. Nonetheless, it looked interesting. The famous bridge is very crowded at times when the tour groups are there, but the second time around it was less so. The water falls are not very big but nice to see for a break on the way to Mostar. You can have something to drink there and see the falls at a little cafe.

, 9 2018

Due to a quirk of geopolitics, this tour requires you to pass through the Croatian-Bosnian border six times in total, which prolongs the journey time. There was not nearly enough time in Mostar, and I felt the Turkish house was an unnecessary and unimpressive detour - the time would be better spent exploring the area around the famous Old Bridge. Both the Croatian guide and local Mostar guide were good though.

, 9 2018

The Falls are amazing - make sure you bring your swim suit although it is cold! A slight gripe is that entrance to the Falls is extra and not included in then price. The tour is an amazing way to see the countryside around Dubrovnik and Mostar is a facilitating place to visit. My only criticism is that you needed longer in Mostar and in hindsight much as the tour was interesting, I would have skipped it to have more time to look around. By the time you finish the tour and have some lunch, its only 30 minutes before you have to leave and so limited time to explore thew bazaars and interesting locations.

, 9 2018

The guide was lovely, it was a nice day trip, though it would have been nice to have more time in Mostar as i didn't get time for a meal and had barely any time shopping and didn't even get time to see the bridge jumpers.

, 8 2018

Thoroughly recommend this tour. The waterfalls were just out-of-this-world beautiful. Bosnia was a great experience too - super busy but a really nice city. Our tour guide on the bus was great, she was very funny and kept us laughing the whole journey, as well as educating us on Croatia and Bosnia. Our guide around Bosnia was great as well, very engaging and she managed to keep up all interested in the almost 40 degree heat!!

, 8 2018

If you are in Dubrovnik and don't have much time to visit Bosnia, this one day trip is great alternative. Especially Kravice waterfall was amazing. The tour was arranged very nicely. Our guide was very efficient and took care of everything in a very organized manner such as she collected the fee for waterfall entry in advance that saved time for all passanger and she stayed back to take care of paying the entry fee. She knew a lot of history of Dubrovnik and Bosnia that helped us understand the history better. One thing to note is that we went in August and it was really hot that day, so please take a lot of water with you so you can keep yourself hydrated. Overall, it was a very well organized trip.

, 7 2018

This is a full day trip which takes you into Bosnia and Herzegovina. The drive is about 3 hours each way but goes by relatively quickly due to your guide speaking most of the time about the history and sites you pass (Deanna was great). Plus, the costal views on the drive are worth it! My family loved the waterfalls (this is not included in the price, you have to pay extra to get into the park once you are there). You have about 1.5hrs here before you get back on the bus to go to Mostar. Mostar was a unique city but really really hot when we were there. We stayed on the guided tour for about 45mins before we veered off and did our own thing. They were totally fine with this and even announced at the beginning when to be back at the bus if you didn't want to complete the tour. My only complaint was the driver was being stingy with the A/C on the way back, which after a long day in the sun...was not appreciated! It made the 3hr drive home less than enjoyable.

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