Oljato-Monument Valley, ユタ州

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Time2時間 30分 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


モニュメントバレー・ナバホ・トライバル・ パークを探索する2時間半のツアーでは、モニュメントバレーの主な絶景の観光名所をご案内いたします。この45kmの旅では。奥地に佇むアーチや古代アナサジ族の岩面陰刻等の記念物を鑑賞することができます。ご予約時には、午前または午後のいずれかの出発時刻を選択してください。
  • 2時間半のモニュメントバレー・ツアー
  • モニュメントバレー・ナバホ・トライバル・パーク独特の地形を探検
  • アーチなど映画やメディアに取り上げられたあらゆる奇岩を堪能
  • ガイドによる地域にまつわるストーリーを聞く
  • 予約時の出発時間オプション

ガイド付きのツアーでは、まず最初の目的地である、ジョン・ウェイン出演の西部劇映画や「ランスフォーマー・ ロストエイジ」 のロケ地であるジョン・フォード・ポイントに立ち寄ります。次に、モニュメントバレー・ナバホ・トライバル・ パークの辺境エリアへと向かい、サンズ・アイ・アーチを目指します。特異な角度に佇むこの弓形の岩を眺めると、サンズ・アイ・アーチと名づけられた理由が分かることでしょう。ここでは、アナサジ族の岩面陰刻を鑑賞し、ガイドによるそれにまつわる話に耳を傾けてみましょう。

さらに、最後の奥地にある観光名所に立ち寄る前に、ビック・ホーガンを目指して進むと、絶好の写真撮影スポットである自然が創り上げたトライバル・パークの最大のアーチ、イヤー ・オブ・ ザ・ ウィンドが見えます。

次の目的地は、こちらも絶好の写真撮影スポットとなるトーテムポールとYei Bi Cheii モニュメント。ここでの民族の文化や歴史に耳を傾け、North Windowに向かいます。ここでは、Mitten Butteを様々な角度から鑑賞してみましょう。これでツアーは終了となり、出発地点を目指し、帰路に着きます。




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, 7 2018

Joseph was amazing as our guide. He was very well informed and we learned things we never would have.

, 7 2018

Derek was amazing...answered all of our questions and educated us on the Navajo people and their lands. He brought us to a cool archway and played a native American song for us on his flute.

, 7 2018

Great tour, our guide was very knowledgeable about Monument Valley and its history. We also got to go to some areas you can't go to on your own and our guide played us some traditional Navajo music on a flute and also sang us a traditional Navajo song. This tour was more than we expected, my wife and 2 daughters also loved it, would highly recommend.

, 2 2018

Amazing tour highly recommend seeing monument valley and our guide Stephen was outstanding

, 12 2017

The tour was amazing, our guide was exceptional and we saw so much more than if we did it ourselves since the native guides have access to places the public does notl

, 10 2017

Ray, our tour guide, was great. He gave us a lot of interesting information regarding the Navajo people, as well as showing us the most scenic places for photography. My husband and I were the only ones on our tour, which made it even better. The scenery was just beautiful!

, 9 2017

We enjoyed our tour of Monument Valley very much. Steven was our tour guide and he did a wonderful job of explaining the different sites, giving us history of the area, and some interesting insight into the Navajo culture and traditions.We are so glad that we used the services provided to make our visit memorable.He allowed plenty of time for questions, pictures and made our visit a fun memory-thank you.

, 9 2017

We loved it, sitting up high on the back of the vehicle we had a great view and our our guide John gave us an expert commentary. We took the 2.5 hour tour with Dineh Bekeyah which went into a closed area of the park. One place John took us to was the Eagle's Eye, and he played a Navaho flute there and with the natural acoustics effect there it was amazing to hear such a song from just one flute. It was also good to just concentrate on seeing and experiencing Monument Valley without having to drive too, people who were using their own vehicles to see the first part of the park didn't seem to be having much fun as they bumped along the unsealed road.

, 9 2017

My girlfriend and I took this tour recently and we were fortunate to be the only ones signed up. This tour was truly amazing as we got to see parts of the Tribal Park only open to those on tours with a Navajo guide. Years earlier, I saw Monument Valley on my own and only saw a fraction of what I saw on this trip. Our guide Henry was wonderful, and he took time for us to pause at several stops so we could quietly reflect the beauty and silence of this sacred place.

, 9 2017

Great tour, would really recommend it.

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