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, 3 2017

If it was possible to give less than one star that would be our choice. The cost of the tour was not worth it or even half of it. We could have easily bought our own train tickets and gone alone. The tour guide Amadeo or Aduomo or something similar was horrible and rude from start to finish. The reason I don't even know his actual name is because I dare not ask a question to hear his sarcastic and rude tone. There was no guidance and only very basic information provided about the area like how many people live there Cinque Terre and an emphasis about how everyone that lives there is rich. The only thing this tour guide advised us over and over again was I will not wait for you and TRUST ME I will not wait for you. On the bus he went around asking how many people would be having lunch and charged us 20 euros each for those who wanted to eat lunch. We were unsure and he assured us it was the best lunch in Cinque Terre and he would know because he's been doing this for 20 years. Although the lunch tasted good it was a very small portion and not worth 20 euros in the least bit. In speaking to others that did not join us they had a fantastic lunch for half the price. On the ride back all the tour guide did was have a heated conversation with the driver and on the phone in a very loud voice and was very angry. He also left the microphone on numerous times and the entire double desk bus could hear the discussion. And to top it all off the double deck bus was swaying back and forth and It was nerve wrecking. 240 down the drain on what should have been a memorable experience. Incredibly disappointed.

, 10 2016

Cinque Terre is beautiful! However, the tour wasn't exactly as advertised. We were picked up at our hotel by a taxi at the established time and simply dropped at acrowded bus station - no communication on what do do or where to go. There was a ticket booth near the drop off point and we inquired about where we were to go. The terse answer was to wait for the bus to come and pick us up. We waited, running up to every bus that came in the lot to see if it was the one. Finally the bus arrived after about 45 minutes. After getting to Cinque Terre we were rushed through every stop and took the crowded trains rather than the ferry/boat that we expected. The meal was delicious but took over 2 hours, as they were not equipped to handle our crowd. That left us little time to explore before getting back on the crowded bus to go back to our hotel. The guide didn't do much other than herd us from point to point leaving us only a few minutes at most of our stops. Also, the linmoncello tasting was advertised. However, they didn't take us to the tasting place, simply telling us it was through the tunnel at 7. Must have been a joke because we found only one marked 7 and it was a pharmacy and when asked were told they didn't have linmoncello. All of our available time after the long, poorly-coordinated lunch was spent looking for that tasting, which we never found. Would go to Cinque Terre again, but not this specific tour and guide.

, 9 2016

Cinque Terre was beautiful. There was a problem with the train so we were not able to make the first stop which was unfortunate but no ones fault. We were too hurried at the other stops though and did not have time to take in the ambience of the place. At one stop we only had 30 minutes... That was disappointing.

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