メキシコシティー, メキシコ

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  • メキシコシティ観光、17のバス停で乗り降り自由
  • ソカロ、マヌエル・トルサ広場、シベーレスの噴水、独立記念碑など、人気観光名所を見学
  • オープントップ二階建てバスから景色を一望
  • 車内音声解説でメキシコシティの観光スポットと歴史を学べます
  • チケットは24時間有効です。自由なペースで観光やショッピングを楽しめます






ダウンタウン - ポランコ・サーキット
  • ソカロ(中央広場)
  • 革命記念塔
  • 独立記念塔
  • マリアーノ・エスコペド
  • モリエール
  • プラサ・カルソ
  • リンコルン公園
  • ナショナル・オーディトリアム
  • 国立歴史博物館
  • ダイアナ – カサドーラ噴水
  • ローマ – シベーレス広場
  • ホテルNHセントロ・ヒストリコ
  • 独立記念塔
  • グロリエータ – リストバル・コロン像
  • ベニート・フアレス記念碑
  • メキシコシティ・メトロポリタン大聖堂
  • 聖ヴェラクルス教会
  • ガリバルディ広場
  • グアダルーペ寺院
  • サン・ユダ・タデーオ(サン・ヒッポリュトス)
  • ベニート・フアレス記念碑
  • イグレシア・デ・バルバネラ
レフォルマ - サンタフェ・サーキット:
  • ホテルNHセントロ・ヒストリコ
  • 独立記念塔
  • 国立歴史博物館
  • ナショナル・オーディトリアム
  • サンタフェ - セントロ・ショッピングモール
  • ホテル・プレジデント・インターコンチネンタル
  • エキスポ・バンコメール・サンタ フェ
  • サマラ商店街
  • ガーデン・サンタフェ
  • ホレルズ・ガーデン
  • パティオ・サンタフェ
  • ローマ – シベーレス広場



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, 8 2018

On time. Clean, comfortable and my family got all the information in English And the price is good. I highly recommended to all my friends and family

, 7 2018

El mejor tour que he tomado. Se conocen diferentes zonas de Mexico lo que ofrecen es verdad son tres Torres en uno solo, me falto tiempo para hacer el de iglesias pero los otros dos fueron muy buenos. Recomendación: harto pero desde temprano para que alcances a hacer los tres.

, 4 2018
, 3 2018

It's very good to see the city with the hop on and off bus. Highly recommend this. Make sure you ask for an ear plug for English audio guide.

, 2 2018

This one was really good though we did not have enough time because my husband and I took this tour the day we arrived in Mexico City so it was late in the afternoon already after we found the hotel to get out wrist tag. We just took one straight ride to get everything and it was already dark. Anyway, we got a lot covered the next day.

, 1 2018

This was a terrible choice. In Polanco we waited for 30 mins while the other bus came every 5 mins. Then the bus stopped at the Cathedral and I had to walk about 8 blocks to Hostal “El Amigo” to get the bracelets to be able to get back on the bus. At the hostal, NO customer service whatsoever!

, 1 2018

This tour- terrible! (Used Viator in Boston -great!) Hard to find voucher turn in, 15 minute walk from there with confused directions. Bus driver-no English, Had to ask if English translation equipment or wouldn’t have known. Finally found if go to top we can get translation. Very disorganized!

, 1 2018

Absolutely fabulous and worthwhile!

, 11 2017

DO NOT BOOK ANY TOURS WITH AMIGOS TOURS! We have traveled all over the world and booked a lot of tours from Viator and have never had any problems before, unfortunately this vendor is the most incompetent, unprofessional and rude company we have ever encountered. First of all, they have two different addresses on their vouchers and their instructions are not clear, so it makes it very difficult to figure out where they want you to meet. The first office we went to, which was impossible to find, didn't have the wristbands we needed to get on the bus, so they made us go to their other offices which are located inside a youth hostel in a very hard to find street of the historic area. They are located on the second floor in a very hidden, back room office. Everyone that works there is very rude, unorganized, incompetent and don't even want you inside their office or answer any questions. We had been walking so much from office to office in the middle of a hot day, during a major political demonstration with thousands of people and blocked streets with my elderly mother, but they still very rudely kicked us out of their offices and told us to wait in the downstairs youth hostel waiting area, which was dirty and smelled gross! After waiting a very long time to get our wristbands we had to walk even more to find one of the bus stops to start our tour. They weren't even kind enough to tell us where to go to pick up the bus, so we had to figure out where to go on our own. I do recommend you doing a Hop-On/Hop-Off bus tour, but DO NOT USE AMIGOS TOUR You will regret it! Viator, please stop recommending Amigos Tours!

, 11 2017

It was great. However, I waited almost 1 hour to get a bus on a specific stop in Mexico city.

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