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壮大な眺めで有名なハナへの道(Road to Hana)を豪華な小グループツアーで快適かつスタイリッシュに旅しましょう。豪華カスタム リムジン バンに乗り、最大人数8名が参加できるハナへの終日ツアーはマウイ島で最も有名な道を車で旅する体験を得る最高の方法です。のんびりした旅の途中、道中の景色をお楽しみ下さい。泳いだりリラックスするためにいくつかの地点で休憩をとります。公認ガイド、軽い朝食、美味しいランチがこの素晴らしい日帰り旅行を最高のものにしてくれます。



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, 11 2018

Our guide, Sean, was extremely knowledgeable and took great pride in sharing such a beautiful area! The small group tour was a great way for both my husband and me to enjoy the amazing ride!

, 10 2018

Our driver/tour guide (Keith Hunter) was an excellent and careful driver. We were able to enjoy the scenery without worrying about the road. Keith was also very knowledgeable, and he willingly and clearly shared his knowledge of the ecosystem of the area and history of Hawaii with us. He was polite and helpful (e.g. assisting us in and out of the van, taking pictures and getting wet helping us across rocks near the waterfalls). The lunch was great, also. We highly recommend this tour and driver!

, 10 2018

Our driver and guide, Paul, did an excellent job in negotiating the many twists and turns of the Road to Hana in a safe and comfortable manner. He provided lots of interesting narration during the trip about the various sights along the way and informed us about the history of Maui in a way that greatly enhanced our appreciation of the area. The breakfast at Cafe Mambo in Paia and the three-course lunch at the Travessa Hotel in Hana, both of which were part of the tour package, were also excellent.

, 10 2018

First I want to start with our tour guide being Fantastic, this less than ideal review does not have anything to do with her driving, or knowledge of the road to Hana, she was great! This tour did not include the most touristy items on the road to Hana which was not specifically noted in the description and disappointing. It did NOT include the bamboo Forest, the rainbow trees, twin falls, or the seven pools. The only well known stop we made was the black sand beach. We did not stop at any of the popular food markets. The tour was FAR to long and if you have seen a water fall before you did not have to go all the way to Hana - there is nothing to see there. With all the other cools sights on the island I would not waste a day doing this - drive to black sand beach and turn around if need be.

, 9 2018

The transportation was very comfortable and the driver was a very safe driver on this extremely winding road with many single lane bridges. We stopped for breakfast, a waterfall, lunch and a black sand beach. We also saw one additional site for a bathroom stop that we would have missed if someone didn't have to go. The tour was impressive but I was expecting more stops. It is a long drive so in terms of timing I get it but just a few more pullovers to get some great scenic pics would have been appreciated. I do realize that the nature of the road and traffic makes pulling over difficult. I would skip breakfast, provide a box breakfast of cheese, croissants, grapes or fresh pineapple, cream cheese and jelly and coffee. The time saved could be then be used to stop at a few other sights. The meals that were served though were very good. The guide was great and informative. It was certainly excellent not to have to drive this road yourself as it requires full attention. Overall it was a trip highlight and would recommend it as a thing to do while on Maui!

, 7 2018

Only wish we stayed a little longer when we did stop at sites. Otherwise it was great day.

, 3 2018

Even though it rained most of the day, the trip was amazing, and Gayle, our driver was very knowledgeable and fun, and made the tour very enjoyable! The van was very comfortable for an all day trip.

, 3 2018

The road to Hana is a winding road with waterfalls. Hana is not impressive. Tour guide was a great and safe driver considering the road. The fact it rained all day was probably part of the issue.

, 3 2018

We decided on the small-group tour instead of the bigger tour, in part because my height makes it uncomfortable to travel in your typical bus. If you have long legs, this is worth it, I never felt cramped at all. Having such a small group also meant we had more time for each stop, since it was so much quicker and easier to get on and off the van. The tour itself was beautiful, featuring numerous stops and a plethora of information and history behind what we're seeing along the way. The two meals we stopped for were very tasty. The best thing about the tour was to not have to drive the road to Hana ourselves. After going through the winding, clifftop, sometimes one-way around a blind curve roadway, I cannot recommend enough going on a tour like this so that you don't have to drive it yourself, which also means you can sight-see out the window instead of having to look at the road. As an added bonus, you get an entertaining personality in your driver, at least we did with Les. We had a great time, highly recommended.

, 2 2018

Our driver, Al, was courteous and attentive. He was a careful and skilled driver, which gave us comfort in the challenging road to Hana. Al needs to recheck his facts on sugar cane farming and production of sugar if he is going to talk at length on the subject. This luxury tour is marketed as a foodie tour neither the Mambo Café in Paia for breakfast, nor the Travasa Hotel in Hana best offerings, hamburger and fish tacos were better than OK. We were a group of 6, including a member with physical disability. My wife and I were the youngest at 72 and 71 respectively. No opportunity for swimming was given, no visit to the pools in Hana, limited stops for photo opportunities.

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