Maalaea, ハワイ島

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5時間 30分 (平均所要時間)


シュノーケリングのカタマランに乗って、マウイの有名なシュノーケリングとダイビングの目的地、モロキニ・クレーターとタートル・タウン(又はコーラル・ガーデン)をお訪ねください。 モロキニは、死火山円すい丘で、シュノーケリングの視界は通常、100フィート(約30メートル)以上です。 さまざまな海洋生物がモロキニ内に生息しています。1年を通して水晶のように澄み切った水に囲まれたアオウミガメ、魚、ウニ、危険でないサメ、オニイトマキエイそしてサンゴによって、モロキニは、ホリデー・アクティビティ・リストに載る不可欠なことになっています。このボートツアーは、全観光客の見るべきリストに載っており、マウイの人気現地ツアーの1つです。これはまた、マウイで最も家族連れに優しい現地ツアーの1つです。




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, 1 2019

This tour was very well organized. The crew did an excellent job ensuring our safety but also making sure we had a good time. We were provided with snorkels and flippers. Pool noodles were also available. Breakfast and Lunch were provided. Alcoholic drinks were available for purchase. The fish were very diverse and colorful at Molokini. At Turtle town we did see a couple of turtles swimming. They were very beautiful and docile. We even saw a couple of whales which was unexpected.

, 1 2019

Molokini is a good place to snorkeling with young kids, but the variety of the fish is not as much as we thought.Turtle Town is a place we felt disappointed. We only heard but didn't see a single sea turtle there.The snorkeling gear is just average. The frame of my description mask was broken and leak slowly. Food on boat is ok.If the vendor can provide better gear, find a better than this Turtle Town, and make more fun on boat, it will be more attractive. Dolphin and You in Honolulu provide a perfect similar service there.

, 12 2018

Likes: The staff was very personable and knowledgeable, smaller scaled boat which was good less people than those bigger boats. Liked the stairs in and out of the water made it easier on us older people.
Dislikes: Not as many fish or turtles I expected. Nothing to do with Viator.

, 11 2018

They had really great service/food. Gave it a 4 rating since I felt like they overcharged for anti-nausea medication; our friend was visibly sick and its like they "took advantage" and charged 5 dollars for one anti-nausea pill. She had already taken one we had brought but I guess I didn't work. They also charge for borrowing wet suits, not sure if they told members of our group this.

, 10 2018

Can get a bit motion sickness on the rough days. But crew understand and are on hand to give help. Highly recommend

, 10 2018

So, I have booked a few events with "Viator" The last time was in New York...And, was pleased. So, I checked out the sight for our trip to Maui...And, again very pleased. There were several options, boats, adventures and prices were a consideration. I saw the reviews for The "Molokini and Turtle Town Snorkeling Adventure" and liked the reviews...One stated was apprehensive as the price for this adventure was very reasonable...But, pleasantly surprised...Well, from a baseball family...Home run. Go Dodgers :)

, 10 2018

This tops my list as my favorite thing in Maui! Everyone was awesome and the experience was most definitely memorable. Love love loved it!!

, 10 2018

It's a really good deal. I was a little unsure if it would be legit or not, but it was. The crew was friendly and took us two spots. I did some research into the other charters so recognized them at the spots we went to. Basically you'll end up pretty much going to the same places as the more expensive ones.

, 7 2018

Perfect for us, who were first timers. Noodles were provided which made it easy to float and watch beneath us. The crew was fun and safe. Seems like better price than others.

, 7 2018

It was GREAT!! The waves were too high to stop at Molokini so they took us to a few other places. We had a blast! The kids really enjoyed it...especially swimming with the Turtles!!! Our Guides were awesome!!!

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