Sliema, マルタ

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clock-o7時間 30分 (平均所要時間)


  • スリマからの、マルタとコミノ島の終日クルーズ
  • マルタの首都バレッタの観光スポットを海上から眺めましょう
  • ディングリの崖、ブルー・グロットー、フィルフラ島、アンカー湾などを見ることができます
  • コミノ島のブルー・ラグーンで泳いだり、シュノーケリングを楽しみましょう
  • 紀元60年に聖パウロが難破したセント・パウロ島を訪れましょう
  • ホテルへのお迎え、ランチ、往復移動が含まれているとてもお得なツアーです

途中、マルタの首都バレッタを通り、グランド・ハーバー、マルサスカラ湾、セント・トーマス湾などマルタを代表するランドマークをご覧になり、ガイドの案内に耳を傾けましょう。デリマーラ・ポイントへの航海を続けます; マルサシュロック湾、マルタ最大の漁村と有名なブルー・グロット(青の洞窟)をご覧になり、断崖のディングリクリフから眺める壮大な絶景をカメラに収める準備をしましょう。映画「ポパイ」で使われたセットが残されたポパイ村へ訪れる機会がある、小さなフィルフラ島とアンカー湾への観光など、マルタの目玉となる他のスポットへの観光も含まれます。





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, 8 2018

Die Tour war super, gegen Ende etwas langwierig. Nettes Personal, Softdrinks gab es Gratis. Gerne wieder :)

, 3 2018

This was a good introductory tour to Malta my first time. Comino is beautiful but VERY crowded. I went again since taking this tour and it is MUCH better to go early and leave before all the tour groups arrive. It is very easy and inexpensive to get to from Malta. The cruise around the island was rather uneventful and not too interesting. I wish we could have had more time in Comino!!

, 5 2017

Overpriced! It's 20 euros if purchased on island. Company was a no show for pickup. After calling them they sent a guy to pick us up, but sent him to our hotel after telling us to walk to a restaurant. Was then dropped off at the wrong boat. Intercom on boat terrible. No transfer back to the hotel.

, 9 2016

The Captain Morgan's tour is great. Wait until you get there to buy your ticket. I was charged DOUBLE the price by Viator. The price is 20 Euro. Do not pay more than that. There are multiple companies selling the tour to Comino. Comino is beautiful and a wonderful experience. Very crowded on the weekends. If someone suggests the sandy beach Santa Maria on the other side of the island you can skip it. It's small and it isn't close the the blue lagoon. The tour does not give you any descriptions of what you are passing by on the ride to Comino. They want to sell you a side trip for that.

, 9 2016

We paid for a Malta and Comino Tour with lunch and unlimited drinks, but when we arrived at the pier/bay no one seemed to recognize our ticket or even know which ferry to direct us to. We were passed from captain to captain. In the end a coordinator just randomly pointed a captain, who shrugged and let us board. It wasn't until the ferry had set sail that we were informed that the tour we were in was a Gozo and Comino Cruise Tour. Obviously, that wasn't what we paid for.

The tour itself was absolutely terrible. The ferry barely had chairs to sit on, much less enough space to settle down in. It even left Sliemma more than an hour late. When we arrived in Gozo, the tour bus driver supposedly our tour guide merely drove us around without telling us anything about the sights we passed by. Instead, he kept on bossing us around and saying, Because you arrived late, you only have 15 minutes. I will leave you if you are not here by then. at EVERY stop. The Comino tour was much, much worse. The captain had said at the start of the tour that we will spend more time in Comino. But in the end, we were only given 15 minutes AGAIN in the island. That's 5 minutes going up the stairs and down into the Blue Lagoon, 5 minutes to swim, and 5 minutes to return to the ferry.

Excuse me for saying this truth, but paying for a Malta and Comino Full Day Cruise Tour, being directed to another one instead, and getting nothing worth what we paid for felt like a total rip-off. I honestly didn't expect a booking site such as Viator to sell us something of this infuriating caliber.

, 6 2016

The pick up was at 09.15am. We had to call 2 times till the transfer appeared an hour later. The lunch on boat was poor, the tour was not as excited as it is described

, 6 2016

The trip was as advertised: journey around Malta, lunch, and about 3 hours stay in Comino with an option to see the caves. Worth the money but could be a little bit more entertaining.

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