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clock-o90分 (平均所要時間)
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  • マドリード王宮を見学する1.5時間のガイド付きツアー。
  • 早期アクセス、優先入場込み。
  • スペイン王室の宮殿を見学。
  • 壮大な王宮を探索、素晴らしい装飾の数々を目に。
  • 芸術的、歴史的装飾に感銘。
  • ご家族全員で楽しめます





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, 8 2018

The guide was not one we would ever get again. We had booked the English Language tour. There were 6 people from Peru who spoke Spanish. The rest 20 people did not. They told the guide they were ok in English as they had booked this tour. The guide decided to speak pretty much most of the tour in Spanish, and only to them, stopping at times to paraphrase the same thing into English for the rest of us. Sometimes he would speak in Spanish and then continue in English, expecting everyone else to understand what he said. We pretty much learned nothing and would never book with this company. There were two other tours, one with Americans, where we inched closer to hear their guide what she was saying in English to get a better idea. The other tour was for a Japanese group, where the guide ONLY spoke in Japanese, like we had expected our guide to speak in English.

, 7 2018

STOP READING AND BOOK THIS TOUR!!!! This was one of the highlights of my multi country trip to Europe, do not miss this spectacular palace. It was super easy and very organized when we checked in, and doing the early entrance made the palace virtually empty as we walked through. Our guide was fabulous and the palace is spectacular. Other reviews complained that the tour was in English and Spanish which is ridiculous -- having the explanations in two languages actually gives you more time to admire each room. The guide made everything come to life and gave us an understanding we never would have had on our own. I can't say enough how worth it is to book this tour.

, 7 2018

Our guide Barbara was wonderful. So knowledgeable and a sense of humor
Fascinating tour. So glad we did the early before the big crowds

, 1 2018

Fast paced and sufficient for palace enthusiasts like us. Worth the early rise and extra money. The lines outside were ridiculous. Do it!

, 10 2017

This was a fabulous experience and you should add to your must-sees while in Madrid. Our tour was finishing when the Royal Palace was opening, and it was great to have an informed tour guide during a quieter time.

, 9 2017

I needed to move this tour. The people there wouldn't even discuss it. Told me to contact the place I bought it. Ended up not going and wasting my money on the trip.

, 8 2017

This tour was well worth doing as you have the chance to visit the rooms before everything was opened to the public. We had a young and very animated guide who made the history of the palace come alive. She was great and definitely knew her stuff. The use of headphones so you could clearly hear what she was saying was very effective.

, 8 2017

This was a time effective way to see the Royal Palace and absolutely worth the extra to skip the line and get in an hour early before the heat of the day go too much. The queue as we left was massive so it was great to have avoided that. The Palace is stunning. Don't miss the Armoury!!! Incredible collection of jousting equipment, suits of armour and horse armour

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